Around the Greens

Day One Saturday Open Semi-Finals

Day one of the Saturday Open Finals was played under blue skies and in generally calm conditions. I never saw it coming but what eventuated in the Premier League was plenty of drama with both Club Holdfast and Adelaide winning their games without dropping a rink. It doesn’t happen often but I should have learned by now that in season 2020-21 we have learned to expect the unexpected.

Premier League:

West Lakes v Club Holdfast:

After an excellent season that saw Club Holdfast go into day one of the Finals with a double chance the playing group came out firing and were rewarded with a 113-79 success against Minor Premier West Lakes. The result saw the club straight through to the Grand Final with all four rinks recording wins.

Max Kleinig and his four did best with a 35-15 triumph over James Gregory in the game’s most telling result.

Josh Studham and his rink prevailed 32-23 against Sam Dietrich in another excellent result.

Ashley Klose and his four got up 22-19 against Mark Haines and Matt Northcott and his rink 24-22 against Craig Mills.

Suffice to say that can the Lakers regroup going into the club’s upcoming game against Adelaide?

Somerton v Adelaide:

Adelaide also began on all cylinders and came away with a 108-72 success over Somerton. The Blues won on all four rinks and will play West Lakes on day two.

Scott Thulborn and his rink prevailed 34-19 against Graham Soar in a match defining result.

Brett Davis and his four continued to plunder opposition rinks with a 30-19 triumph over Nathan Pedersen.

Andrew Feijen skipped his rink to a 21-15 defeat of Scott Colvill.

Adrian Green prevailed 23-19 against Scott Taylor.

The Somerton Seagulls bow out after some great performances during the regular season.

Division One:

Henley v Hawthorn:

I was sitting with Ian Miller prior to Henley’s day one Final’s appearance against Hawthorn and he made the comment that two rinks would do enough for the Sharks to come away with a win. He was correct!

Henley goes straight through Grand Final after an 85-67 success against the Hawks.

Simon Barriga skipped his rink to a 32-12 defeat of Vic Magoch in the game’s most telling result.

Neil Miller and his four prevailed 23-16 against Michael Lodge in another good result.

For Hawthorn which will meet Lockleys on day two of the Finals Darren Niblett and his four triumphed 22-15 over Brad Pech in the club’s best result.

Brett Willcox and his rink prevailed 17-15 against James Bodnar.   

Lockleys v Morphett Vale:

Lockleys also came to play taking two rinks and drawing a third in an 88-74 defeat of Morphett Vale.

The Eagles will play Hawthorn on day two of the Finals.

Robbie Flavel skipped his four to a 25-14 defeat of Mitch Walker in the game’s most telling result.

Ashley Halls and his rink prevailed 23-18 against Lynton Modra in another excellent performance.

Perter Thaler and his four fought hard all day before coming away with a 19-19 draw with John Munro.

For the Emus which now bow out of the Final’s race Alistair Reid defeated Brad Jansen 23-21.

Division Two:

Salisbury v Adelaide:

Salisbury which came into the Finals with home ground advantage and a double chance needed all their skills to see off a determined Adelaide combination.

The Northern club got up 73-72 on the final end of the game between Mark Shard and Chris Firth.

“We were in front for most of the day but it tightened up late. We were one up going into the final end of the game and held that advantage. The last time we played the Blues there was only two shots between the sides so we are obviously well matched” Mark Shard said.

Ross McConnell skipped his rink to a 26-14 defeat of Garry Benveniste in match winning performance.

Mark Shard and four finally got up 19-16 over Chris Firth.

For the Blues Stewart Jones and his rink prevailed 20-12 against Mathew Hull and Sandy Wallace got up 22-16 against Shaun Sayers.

The Blues will play Modbury on day two of the finals.

Port Noarlunga v Modbury:

Modbury also came out firing finally defeating Port Noarlunga 92-76 and winning on all four rinks.

Rod Bahr skipped his four to a 22-15 defeat of Anthony Moffatt in the day’s most telling result.

John Cooper and his rink prevailed 26-22 against Karlee Moffatt in another good result.

John McKnight and his four triumphed 22-18 over Harvey Jolly.

On the final rink Kerry Schultz got up 22-21 against Paul Probert.

Modbury will play Adelaide on day 2 of the Finals while Port Noarlunga bows out of the competition.

John Bevin – 21/3/2021