SATurDAY Pennants

2020-21 Saturday Pennants – Round 15

As per Rule 8.1 of the Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play 2020-21, Premier League and Division 1, 2 & 3 Round 15 matches that were not completed on Saturday February 6th, will be played (resumed) next Friday, 12th February, with trial ends commencing at 6:00 pm.

Any Division 4 – 7 match not completed (as per Rule 5.7) will be treated as a draw with points shared.

Player eligibility – finals

There has been some questions as to whether matches that did not commence on Saturday because greens were closed count as games played in respect of eligibility for finals (Rule 2.12).  They do.  The wording of Rule 2.12.1 has been modified to make this clearer.

2.12.1 In any finals game a side shall only include players who, during the current Home & Away season, have participated in five games (completed, started but abandoned, won by forfeit, selected but not played due to closed greens) or more for that Club in that days competition (Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday are separate competitions). Games from cancelled rounds do not count.

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact Match & Program (


Jeff Allen

Chair, Match and Program Committee