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Amendment to Pennant Conditions of Play

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Attention: Umpires/Bowls managers/selectors

The following amendments to Pennant Conditions of Play will apply immediately.

Amended Conditions of Play will be on the MBA Web site here

1.8 Constitution of sides/players – refer DR 2.3 & 2.5.3

Players in a side will become constituted in a game when the jack is rolled in the first end of any rink of that game. Constituted players are ineligible to act as substitutes in any game in that Round in that competition.

1.9 Counted Games

To be counted as a played game in Rule 3.8 or 3.9 a player will have been selected in a side and published on the online results portal and:

  • their game is started and completed
    • their game is started but never completed (refer rule 10.1)
    • their game is forfeited during play
    • their game is not started because of local extreme conditions (e.g., greens closure) and is not replayed
    • they have been selected to play in a side that is awarded a game by forfeit prior to the game

Full rounds that are cancelled by Match & Program Committee do not count unless replayed later.

Games that are cancelled because of no replay option after cancellations by Match & Program Committee do not count.

Player participation in a Pennant round as defined here makes the player ineligible to act as a substitute in any other side in that Pennant round.

3.8 Player Movement Between Sides – Minor Rounds (refer Rule 1.9 for games counted as played for this rule)

3.9 Player Eligibility – Finals (refer Rule 1.9 for games counted as played for this rule)

10.2       Replays – Minor Rounds

10.2.2       Resumed games will continue from the point at which the game was suspended with the same players in the same teams in the same positions within the sides.

Substitutes– refer Rule 1.8, Rule 3.5, DR 2.3, 2.4 & 2.5.

The number of ends to be played will the number as set at the start of the original game – refer Rules 4.2 & 10.1.

These amendments are necessary to remove confusion regarding the purpose of Rule 1.9

If any further clarification is required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks

Chair MBA Match & Program Committee

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