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Amendments to Side Listings & BowlsLink

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Saturday Pennants

Club Holdfast has withdrawn a side from Division 7 West. This will create a Bye in that Section.

There have been some changes to the ordering of clubs in a few Sections to correct an error. Your club may be affected by those changes. The Sections are: Division 4 South, Division 5 South, Division 5 West, Division 6 South, Division 6 West, Division 6 Central South, Division 7 South and Division 7 West.

BowlsLink will be amended as soon as possible and amended Side Listings will be published early next week.

Side Rankings – multiple sides in a Division

Clubs that have multiple sides in any Division have been asked to confirm with Match & Program committee by email ( which colour they have assigned to each of their sides in the Division by Monday 3rd of September. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT. A return is required even if the colours assigned are correct.

Combined Sides

Clubs that are forming a combined side with another club are reminded of the requirements of Rule 2.5, including nominating an appropriate side name and the venue(s) for home games to Match & Program committee in writing to ( as soon as possible.

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks

Chair, MBA Match & Program Committee

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