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Audit & update of player names in BowlsLink

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Club Secretaries
BowlsLink in its current form has some limitations in accurately recording player names from Pennant scorecards. Examples include:
• Where the name of a player recorded on the scorecard for a side is not available to the BowlsLink operator via the drop-down list for the side or by a search of club member names. BowlsLink operators can only select the “SUBSTITUTE” option for those circumstances. This should only have occurred with lowest ranked sides.
• Where due to a game day alteration to a side or because of changes needed for replayed games, the same player name appears in two games in the same round in BowlsLink.

The MBA Match & Program committee needs the support of Member Clubs to audit player names in BowlsLink and to provide the Match committee with the information needed for the committee to update BowlsLink records.
This will need to be completed by early February to provide accurate statistics of played games for the concluding games and Finals series.

Clubs are asked to compare the player names/ positions on their Pennant scorecards with the corresponding existing entries in BowlsLink to identify instances of mis-matches such as the use of “SUBSTITUTE” in the BowlsLink records. When identified, send copies of relevant scorecards to the Match committee to allow BowlsLink to be amended. If any further clarification is required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks
Chair MBA Match & Program Committee

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