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“Breakthrough” Partnership Participation

Dear Club Secretary,

As you and your membership know the last year has seen a huge change in the way we work,

spend time with family and friends. Some have handled the situation well and others have not.

Those that are not coping are full of anxiety but are reluctant to approach any one and so the problems manifest themselves until mentally they literally breakdown. Sporting clubs and in particular Bowling Clubs offer a comradery that can help solve this insidious problem.

Bowls SA have formed a partnership with “Breakthrough” so that Bowling clubs can register and get some professional expertise of how to recognise the warning signs and assist that person to a better mental health. To this end 1 would like to ask all member clubs to register with Breakthrough (it is FREE) and donate where you can. Hold a breakthrough day so your members know about this organisation. If only one of your membership is helped you have potentially helped not only that person but his/her family.

I have attached a poster for your notice board and a link to “Breakthrough” for registration and more information.

The link for registration and donating is:

Thanking you and your Club for your participation

Ron Mulliner