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COVID & missed games – further information

All Club Secretaries

We understand that bowls is going through difficult times and that clubs are being affected to different degrees at different times. We thank clubs for their understanding as we work our way through the consequences of our Pennant bowls competitions. Further challenges may arise.

We extend best wishes to all bowlers and their families who have been personally affected by the COVID virus.

COVID and missed games – further information

A club that makes a management decision to not participate in a scheduled pennant round with ALL their entered Sides in the competition should notify the MBA immediately as a means of monitoring the effects of COVID on clubs.

Last week, the MBA decided to consider applications from clubs who took the step above to have shared points awarded for Pennant games not played. Without continued support for the process from many committee members and general acceptance from players that the current Rules should apply to games not played, that decision has been cancelled.

All scheduled Pennant games will go ahead unless a club is unable to field a side or sides. Clubs should continue to select their Pennant sides with their available players and enter their teams into BowlsLink at the times indicated in the Conditions of Play (Rule 4.2.1). This is a requirement to qualify for points & shots awarded for forfeited games

Sides that will not play must be offered as forfeits, following the Rules regarding the advice of forfeits, including notifying affected opposing clubs and advising the MBA Match & Program committee (Rule 5.5).

Steve Franks

Chair, MBA Match & Program Committee