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Host Clubs – Pennant Semi & Prelim Finals

Host clubs for the 2020/21 Pennant Semi-Finals and Preliminary Finals are reminded and advised of the following:

  • The Host Club is responsible for providing a Manager and Umpire(s) for the day, preferably non-playing umpires.  If possible, there should be one umpire allocated to each game/green.
  • Games should be played on separate greens, if possible.
  • Matches are to be without a time limit and played straight through, with no mid-game break.
  • Home Sides, including the higher ranked side for those playing at a neutral venue are responsible for entering Results into BowlsLink (by 6:30pm on the day of play). Away Sides still need to confirm the results as usual.  It would be appreciated if Host Clubs would provide access to a computer to allow all ‘home’ sides to enter results at the conclusion of the matches.
  • In the event of a draw after the full allotment of ends, side Managers will toss for the mat and all teams shall complete one end from the end of the rink at which that game was finalised (refer to Law 28). In the event of there still being a draw, the procedure will be repeated until a winner is obtained.
  • Unless another person is appointed, the Host Club Manager is the delegated Manager of the Day.

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact Match & Program (


Jeff Allen