Around the Greens

Ins and outs Saturday Open competition 2020/21

Premier :
ModburyIn – Gary Thompson, Trent Ward, Paul Martin.
Out – Nil
GrangeIn – Ben Bowman, Isaac Jesser
Out – Renata Callisto
Holdfast BayIn – Danyon Greenslade, Brady Slater
Out- Alana Lomax
Hawthorn In- Tracy Kneebone, Sue Hutchinson
Out – Nil
SomertonIn – Steve Foster, Paul Sunman, David Eiffe
Out – Nil
West LakesIn – Sam Dietrich, Jackson Saunders, TJ Saunders, Geoff Munn
Out – Kelly Ward
MarionIn – Theresa Emberton, David Bell, Todd Hudson,
Graig Hutchinson, David Robertson, Damion Scifilliti
   Out – Graham Houston
PaynehamIn – Nil
Out – Darren Siegertz, Laini McGorman, Mitch Percy
Ascot ParkIn – Mitch Percy, Mike Bertelsmeier, Mark Afford,
Peter Scholfield
Out – Nil
AdelaideIn – Laini McGorman
Out – Richard Hooper
SalisburyIn – Richard Hooper, Bernie Ward, James Hamill
Out – Juan Vargas
Division One
WoodvilleIn – Nil
Out – Nil
LockleysIn – Brad Jansen
Out – Kevin Fuss
HenleyIn – Daniel Van Dyke
Out – Sam Dietrich, Paul Sunman
RosewaterIn – Peter Byefield
Out – Nil
HawthornIn – Ewen Graham, Steve Packer, Michael Allen
Out – Nil
BrightonIn – Mark Green, Carli Mitchell, Wayne Henning, Di Green
Out – Gary Thompson
Morphett ValeIn – Nil
Out – Brett Baldy
Happy ValleyIn – Danny Deed, Robert Tyson
Out – Michael Allen, Steve Packer, Mark Godfrey
Toorak/BurnsideIn – John Boccaccio
Out – Norb Kratz, Lynton Keems
TranmereIn – Robin McKnight
Out – Ian Brown, Rod Squire

Whilst compiling this information I was buoyed by the number of clubs that had new members arriving. I was frequently asked was I looking at players who could make the top two sides and replied “yes.” However, having so many people looking to join because of the fun being a member is surely a great sign for our sport. Good luck to all bowlers during season 2020/21.      

John Bevin