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Player participation in extreme hot weather committee policy

The status of games when hot weather is predicted (individual days or several days together) is carefully considered each time.

Match & Program committee applies “Early Start” or “Replay” provisions to Pennant Rounds reduce the exposure of players to extreme heat and to protect those who are more likely to be adversely affected. Cancellation of complete Rounds is a last resort as many players accept the conditions and want to play.

Clubs also have a responsibility to make informed decisions in the selection process on the capabilities of players in hot weather. Some players would benefit by not being selected.

Individual players should also make their own decisions regarding playing in hot weather.

Status of un-played games (as in Thursday Rounds 15 & 16)

Thursday Rounds 15 and 16 were not cancelled; play was deferred to the designated replay day. Game scores were recorded as “un-played” in BowlsLink, with shared points awarded except for forfeits & Byes (see below).

Player participation for un-played games in a replay situation is counted for the purposes of Rule

1.9 as the teams were selected and ready to play. BowlsLink will include the games in its “Rounds played” report and player ladders.

Byes & Forfeits – un-played games

Byes that are current during a delayed Round such as Thursday Rounds 15 & 16 will be treated as Byes.

Forfeits that are given for games that are eventually not played during a delayed Round such as Thursday Rounds 15 & 16 will be treated as forfeits.

Player movement between sides for Rounds 15 to 18

Clubs are reminded of the restrictions on player placement into sides when selecting teams for Rounds 15 to 18. Please refer to the Circular of 8 February for details.

Eligibility for finals – Player restrictions

There are eligibility requirements for the selection of players into sides that are competing in Finals games. Refer to Rule 3.9

Eligibility for finals – Use of Opposite Gender Players

Opposite Gender Players used to complete a lowest ranked Pennant side are original members of the side and can only be used to complete the side in Finals if they conform to Rule 3.9.1 (at least 5 games played in the “Opposite Gender” competition).

Temporary Players

Bowls SA expects clubs to convert “temporary players” who are not already club members to Full membership once they have participated in 3 Pennant games [Bowls SA By-Law 4.3].

It is not a limitation set by the MBA. These players would then be considered for selection in future Pennant games (including Finals) with all other Full members.

Slow BowlsLink response times

Slow response times when using BowlsLink seems to be a continuing problem for entering results. Nonetheless, it is for everyone’s benefit that clubs take responsibility for getting accurate results & confirmations into BowlsLink as quickly as they can on the day that games are played as the rules expect.

Clubs may be able to reduce the issue by entering results as soon after a game as is possible.

If there are any questions regarding the above information or further clarification is required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks


  • Player Eligibility Finals (refer Rule 1.9 for games counted as played for this rule)In any finals game a side shall only include players who, during the current Home & Away season, have played in five (Refer Rule 1.9)games or more for that Club in that day’s competition (Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday are separate competitions).

Opposite Gender players are included in this qualification.

  • In any finals game a side shall only include players who, during the last 9 scheduled Minor Rounds, have played at least as many of their games for the side concerned or lower ranked sides as they have in all higher ranked sides.

However, if a Club has at least two consecutively ranked sides remaining in a Finals series, those sides may be selected from all players who have played at least as many of their games during the last 9 scheduled Minor Round games for either of the sides concerned or lower ranked sides as they have in all higher ranked sides

  • Players from a side which has qualified for a Grand Final through the First Semi-Final are not eligible to play in the Preliminary Final in a lower ranked side.
    • Players from a side eliminated from the Finals are not eligible to play in any subsequent final in a lower ranked side. However, where a player was promoted to a higher ranked side only for a particular Finals round to replace a player who was temporarily unavailable, a Club may seek a player permit from Match & Program Committee to play the nominated player in a subsequent final in a lower ranked side, supplying evidence to support their application.
    • Players in a side for a finals game may be selected to play in subsequent finals for that side (subject to Rule
    • If any Club is uncertain of having available sufficient Members who are eligible under Rule 3.9 it can apply, in writing, to Match & Program Committee for permission to play if necessary other nominated Members and if permission is granted such Members can play in any position other than Skip.
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