SATurDAY Pennants

Pennant games not completed on Saturday 14 January

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Premier League and Divisions 1, 2 and 3

Incomplete games (refer Rule 10.1) will be continued on Friday 20 January – practice from 5.15pm; draw for rinks at 5.45 (if rink allocation has changed); trial ends by 6pm; the game recommences by 6.15 from the point [completed ends] that play was abandoned on Saturday; total of 18 ends.

Replays arising from unfinished games from Saturday Round 10 which do not achieve the requirements of completion (refer Rule 10.1) on Friday will be declared as a draw (Rule 10.2.3).

Divisions 4 to 7

Incomplete games (refer Rule 10.1) will not be continued – they have been deemed as a draw and each participating side awarded points and shots according to Rule 7.10

Temperature Monitoring

It is strongly recommended that an announcement is made prior to the Trial ends of an early start game which explains to all players the procedures that will be followed for temperature monitoring and communication and responsibility (by the Umpire of the Day) regarding ceasing play.


Entry of results information should not be done until the outcome of a Pennant game has been finalised.

Results for incomplete games with no replay should be entered by the home club as 2 shots per rink for each side and must be confirmed by the away club.


Players who have already played for a side in Saturday Round 10 are not eligible as substitutes in any other side.

Started games – play must continue with the originally selected side in their original playing positions with the exceptions as described in Rule 10.2.2 and in accordance with MBA selection guidelines.

Eligible members used to fill in for constituted players who are not available in that side for the replay are substitutes. Refer Law 32.4, Law 33.4, and DR 2.4. This allows one eligible player per rink put into a vacated position unless the vacated position is the skip. In that case, the remaining original players in that rink must rearrange their positions to fill the vacated skip position. Players cannot be moved between rinks.

If any further clarification is required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks

Chair, MBA Match & Program Committee

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