Around the Greens


Preliminary Final day across the city had everything you could imagine and a bit more.

Two of three games went down to the wire and one of these needed an extra end with all four rinks on the green in a one shoot out as the players fought for the right to play in the Grand Final. Played in sunny conditions it showed why so many enjoy our great game.


Club Holdfast v Somerton:

Somerton moves on to this year’s Grand Final after 90-87 win against Club Holdfast. The playing group got out of blocks and led by 22 shots before Holdfast began a comeback that almost carried them through. Somerton’s Steve Dennis picked up a 2 late in the game to maintain the club’s narrow advantage. His rink went into the final end of the game needing to score to take the out the match. The experienced skip drove the kitty into the ditch and sat on it to secure victory.

Luke Pietersma skipped his rink to a 33-16 defeat of Jayden Zeller in a match winning performance.

Nathan Peddersen and his four prevailed 28-17 against Matt Northcott in another telling result.

For Club Holdfast Josh Studham and his four held their form in a 29-10 win against Jeff Aworth.

Ashley Klose and his rink also grabbed points after a 25-19 defeat of Steve Dennis.

Club Holdfast now bows out of the finals after having so many close results for the season.


Marion got out of the blocks and were never headed in the club’s 78-66 win against Modbury. The Hurricanes have had two good seasons over the last couple of years and this was a timely performance.

Scott Andreassen skipped his rink to a 27-8 defeat of John Cooper in the game’s most telling result.

Tony Devlin and his four prevailed 21-16 against Neil Martin in another good performance.

Ken Holtham and his rink got up 19-18 against Mitch Walker in a tight one.

For the Thunder John McKnight skipped his four to a 24-11 win against Mason Kaufer but was unable to affect the overall result.


Adelaide moved through to the Grand Final after a hard fought 81-79 success against Millswood. The game had most things one could imagine and more, as the two clubs went shot for shot. At the end of the day the game ended in a draw facilitating a one end shootout with all rinks on the green to find the winner.

For Adelaide Paul Young skipped his rink to a 21-16 defeat of Geoff Kennedy in the day’s best result.

Chris Firth and his four came away with a 19-16 success against Matthew Rossi.

After a dog fight all day the rinks of Sandy Wallace and Enio Rossi and their respective rinks settled for a 24-24 draw.

For Millswood Andrew Stasinowsky and four prevailed 23-17 against Alan Hurst but in the final analysis it wasn’t enough to affect the overall result.

Grand Finals next weekend with some great match-ups: –

Premier division – Grange v Somerton at Salisbury on Sunday 27th March

Division 1 – Hawthorn v Marion at Salisbury on Sunday 27th March

Division 2 – Marion v Adelaide at Henley on Saturday 26th March

And of course, all other divisions playing on Saturday 26th March at Salisbury, Henley, Semaphore, Toorak/Burnside, Holdfast and Ascot Park.

John Bevin

20th March 2022