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Resumption of the MBA Pennant Program

To All Club Secretaries


All Clubs are aware of the Bowls SA – “NO JAB – NO PLAY” policy that commences from Monday 10th January 2022. This policy was adopted by the board of Bowls SA after considerable consultation and agreement with all of the nine SA Bowling Associations, a policy development sub-committee and the results from a survey received from over 6,500 pennant bowlers.

All Clubs are aware of the procedures to be taken to update their members details, on Bowls SA BOWLSLINK, regarding vaccination details to enable their members to be eligible to play in pennant competitions as well as Bowls SA events.

All Clubs have COVID SAFE PLANS as issued to them by SA Health. As from 27th December 2021 the density requirements allowed have been reduced as follows: –

  • Seated indoors – 1 person per 4 square metres (excluding staff)
  • Seated outdoors – 1 person per 2 square metres (excluding staff)

All QR code requirements are still in place. Masks must be worn in shared indoor spaces unless eating and/or drinking.

The above change will mean that some Clubs, because of their higher attendance numbers at their venues, will have to re-introduce split dining times for refreshments supplied during mid game breaks.     

The unknown factors at the moment are the number of eligible players that Clubs will have available to be selected to play pennants and how many of their players will not be playing due to their own fear of contracting COVID.

The MBA and M&PC have COP rules in place to manage match forfeits if they occur. We already have conditions in place should the pennant program be reduced and also that end of season finals may not be played.

We urgently request that if any Club unfortunately incurs a COVID situation at their Club, where a shutdown of facilities has to be taken, that the MBA Secretary is advised immediately so that action can be taken to advise all other Clubs of that situation.

Our M&PC will determine the schedule for matches to be postponed, replayed or declared as drawn results.

As a reminder, all Clubs need to determine how to manage all other aspects of their own individual Club requirements for their operations.  

Our Sport of Bowls generates an activity that many people look forward to participating in. The MBA trusts that our member Clubs can enjoy the rest of the season with confidence, as long as “everyone does the right thing”.

Kindest Regards

Ron Mulliner