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Saturday Open Competition Round Four

I have been saying for some time how difficult it is to write on the first two or three rounds of the pennant competitions because there is no history to it. When I was with Messenger it was the same thing. Ladder positions aren’t super important and it is not until round four that things open up. Season 2020/21 has been no different. As you will see from my match reports and the player comments that all changed in round four. The threat of covid19 playing a big role has largely diminished and what a great thing that is!

Premier League

Grange v Club Holdfast:

Club Holdfast went into its game at Grange in third spot on the ladder and aware that on occasions the players had found it difficult to win at the venue. That thought may well have lifted the concentration with the players coming away with a 105-77 14 point win. The club retained its third position after what was an excellent away performance.

Matt Northcott skipped his four to a 34-20 defeat of Tyson Wilson in the day’s best result. Josh Studham and his rink backed that up prevailing 27-16 over Marc Evans. Ashley Klose played well in his four’s 25-16 win against Ben Bowman.

“Yes, last season when we were on an extended winning streak, and we suffered our first loss at Grange. As you can imagine we are very happy at the moment” Klose said.

Grange again went into the game without the services of Australian representative Wayne Ruediger who is still out with an injury. The temporary loss of such a talent is unsurprisingly difficult.

For the Dolphins Carl Schapel triumphed 25-19 over Max Kleinig to give his club its only points.

Grange ended the day in ninth spot on the ladder and facing the situation of playing Modbury at Modbury in Round five next Saturday.

Ascot Park v Modbury:

Modbury came into its match at Ascot Park in good form having taken the points from two of its first three games. In what was a tight match the Thunder grabbed 12 points after prevailing 97-90.

In the split rink game, Gary Thompson put in a big performance skipping his four to a 30-13 win against Jeff Aworth in a match-winning result. Garry Meekcoms piloted his rink to a 23-14 defeat of Sam Denton.

“We backed up on a good win last week which is what we needed to do. It was an excellent win down there and three wins from four starts is a great start” Meekcoms said.

For the Lions who remain at the foot of the ladder Andrew Smith and his four did everything asked of them prevailing 35-19 over Jose Gil. Mitch Percy also took points after a 28-25 defeat of Pat McGuinness.

Marion v Somerton:

Somerton continued its early-season form prevailing 116-87 at Marion and banking 14 points. The Seagulls sit in second spot on the ladder 5 points shy of West Lakes.

Nathan Pedersen show all of his class in his rink’s brilliant 43-18 win against Brandon Whiley in what was a match-winning performance. David Eiffe skipped his four to a 28-20 defeat of Mason Kaufer. Scott Taylor added to the points tally with a 22-20 triumph over Ian Fyfe.

“We needed to bounce back and we set up well. It was pretty even after 10 ends but continued to concentrate. Pedersen’s rink played well as a unit. Next Saturday we play West Lakes at West Lakes and will need to be at the top of our game” Taylor said.

For the Hurricanes Ken Holtham and his rink prevailed 29-23 over Steve Dennis to give the club its only points.

Salisbury v West Lakes

Despite winning on only one rink of four played West Lakes took 10 points after a 93-80 success at Salisbury. The Lakers now sit clear at the top of the table.

The seven-shot win, came courtesy of a 35-12 win for Mark Haines and his rink over an in-form Simon Dorr in match-defining performance. For Salisbury Dale Robertson and his four prevailed 21-20 over Kane Coulls. Rhys Taylor skipped his rink to a 23-15 defeat of James Gregory. Luke Pietersma also banked points after his foursome’s 24-23 win against Craig Mills.

“Conditions were ok and we are really pleased to be undefeated after four rounds. We’ll continue to work hard” Haines.

 Adelaide v Payneham:

Adelaide put in its best performance of the season prevailing 115-91 and banking a full count of 16 points against Payneham at home.

Brett Davis skipped his four to a 32-22 defeat of Aussie Cunningham in the day’s best result. Scott Thulborn and his rink took the points after a 32-26 win against Ben McDonnell. Adrian Green and his four prevailed 28-22 over Gabe Nardecchia. Andrew Feijen finished the day with a 23-21 success over Anthony Treloar.

“When you see the score-line it looks easy but it wasn’t. It was close all day. Maybe our back-end experience played a role. We are very pleased with a good win” Davis said.

Division One

Lockleys v Henley:

Henley remains unbeaten after prevailing 72-64 at Lockleys and pocketing 11 points. The Sharks move to second on the ladder seven points shy of Toorak/Burnside.

The eight-shot win came courtesy of a 22-9 score-line for Brad Pech and his four over Theo Katsivas in what was a game-defining result. After a hard-fought game, Jeff Marsh came away with a 15-15 draw with Robbie Flavel.

For the Eagles, Fred Kovaleff skipped his rink to a 22-18 defeat of Simon Barriga having been down for much of the day. Ashley Halls also took points after prevailing 18-17 over James Bodnar.

“We played in tough conditions all day. It was a very good win and we are happy to be in second spot after four rounds” Budda Miller said.

Brighton v Woodville:

Woodville sits third on the ladder after prevailing 90-72 at Brighton. The club won on three of four rinks and drew the fourth in what was a good performance. The team also grabbed 15 points from the match.

Salvatore Marafioti and his four did best with 26-15 defeat of Neil McCollam. Vincenzo Dimasi skipped his rink to a 20-16 triumph over Mark Green. Mark Hanrahan also banked points after prevailing 21-18 over John Smith.

The fourth rink ended in a 23-23 draw for Michael Haywood and Brad Napper.

Rosewater v Toorak/Burnside:

Toorak/Burnside continued its assault on the Division One competition banking 16 points after a 94-56 win at Rosewater: The club now sits seven points clear at the top of the table after four rounds.

Guy Uren and his rink again starred taking two points after prevailing 36-12 over Allan Purnell in the day’s best performance. Darren Niblett skipped his four to a 20-12 defeat of James Mader. Trevor Feast added to the points tally after a 20-17 triumph over Trevor Pilkington.

Mike Hocking skipped his four to an 18-15 win against Paul O’Dea.

Morphett Vale v Hawthorn:

Morphett Vale halted Hawthorn’s winning run prevailing 80-76 and banking 12 points from a split rink home game.

In gusty conditions, Lynton Modra skipped his rink to a 27-9 defeat of Vic Magoch in what was a match-winning performance. John Munro also took points after prevailing 17-16 over Steve Packer.

“We were patchy early in the wind but handled it pretty well. We are pleased to get a win under our belt against a good side” Modra said.

For the Hawks Michael Lodge and his four almost did enough with a 30-19 win against Alistair Reid. Brett Willcox also picked up points after a 21-17 defeat of Mitch Walker.

Tranmere v Happy Valley:

Tranmere put in its best performance of the season banking 16 points after a 90-53 home win against Happy Valley.

With all rinks going well Dino Decorso and his rink did best with a 30-9 defeat of Deb Fry. John Feddersen and his four also starred with a 20-14 triumph over Bob Schultz. Graham Young added to the points tally after prevailing 23-17 over Harry Burgess.

On the fourth rink Patrick McGirr came away with a 17-13 defeat of Barry Fry.

“It was tight early before we found our form on a quick green and ran away with it in fine conditions” Feddersen said.

Division Two

Modbury v Marion:

Modbury sits in seventh spot on the ladder after a 90-66 home win against Marion. The Thunder picked up 15 points after a good performance.

Brenton Treverton and his four did best with a 27-16 defeat of Lindsay Mortimer. Neil Martin skipped his rink to a 26-16 triumph over John Van Mierlo. Allan Britcher played well in his four’s 18-15 win against Ted Hibberd. Norb Kratz came away with a 19-19 draw with Ian Lane.

Henley v Kensington/Marryatville:

Henley sits on top of the ladder after 99-62 home win against Kensington/Marryatville. The Sharks banked 14 points after what was another polished performance.

Graham Borgas and his rink led the way with a 38-12 defeat of Jeanette Hill in the day’s best performance. Craig Green skipped his four to a 26-13 triumph over Peter Douglas. David Prior added to the tally prevailing 21-17 against Greg Miller. Lawrie Ghergetta picked up the only points for Kensi with a 20-14 win over Daryl Lambert.

West Lakes v Adelaide:

West Lakes moved to second on the ladder after prevailing 82-63 against Adelaide at home. The Lakers took 14 points after what was a solid home win.

Alistair Robertson and his rink prevailed 29-7 against Ron Kuczmarski in the day’s best result. David Mullan skipped his four to a 20-16 win against the experienced Garry Benveniste. Peter Donoghue added to the points tally with a 20-18 win against Sandy Wallace. Adelaide’s Chris Firth four won over Barry Delbridge 22-13.

Gawler v Ascot Park:

Gawler moved to fifth on the ladder after prevailing 94-69 against Ascot Park at home. The northern club pocketed 14 points in what was a good performance.

Phil Marsden and his rink performed well in its 28-16 defeat of Geoff Coultas. Daryl Kubisch piloted his rink to a 24-18 win against Scott Bennier. Darren Hunter finished off a good day taking two points after a 22-14 triumph over Col Watkins. Peter Scholefield and his team just pipped Leigh Roberts and his four 21-20 to gain Ascot park’s points.

Port Noarlunga v Salisbury:

Home side Port Noarlunga sit in fourth spot on the ladder after a nail biting 85-85 draw with Salisbury. The Gulls took nine points and Salisbury seven from the game.

For the Gulls, Harvey Jolly and his rink did best prevailing 24-14 against Mathew Hull. Ian Carter also earned points after a 23-22 win against Mark Shard. For Salisbury, Eric Datsun went best taking the points after a 27-16 defeat of Thomas Jolly. Paul Probert’s four and David Knowles four fought out a 22-22 draw.

Salisbury ended the day in third spot on the ladder with Port Noarlunga in fourth place.

John Bevin 1st November 2020