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Saturday Open Pennants – 16 Oct 2021:

After a cold and wet winter round one of the metro open competitions were played in overcast and cool conditions with all matches being finished. After a chaotic off-season which saw a record number of transfers from most clubs we saw a possible sign of things to come with the Premier League champion and runner up from last season both defeated on their home deck. It is going to be a season full of interest and the following is my appraisal of what went on. I trust that it will make good reading.

Round One:

Premier League:

Ascot Park v Henley:

Playing at home Ascot Park came up with the goods defeating Henley 90-82 picking up an important 14 points.

Mitch Percy skipped his rink to a 23-13 defeat of David Prior in the day’s most telling result.

Anthony Treloar and his four prevailed 21-14 against Tim Dodds to grab two points.

Sam Dietrich and his rink got up 24-23 over Geoff Collins in a very tight game.

For Henley the always competitive Neil Miller prevailed 32-22 against Gavin Pfeiffer to earn the Sharks their only points.  

Lockleys v Somerton:

At Lockleys a powerful looking Somerton Seagulls banked 13 points after a 90-85 win against the home side.

In a hard, fought match, Scott Taylor and his four prevailed 29-23 against Gabe Nardecchia in the day’s best performance.

Nathan Peddersen and his rink started the season well with a 20-16 win against Chris Flavel.

Jeff Aworth, in his first game for the Lions, grabbed a point after a 22-22 draw with Ashley Halls.

For the home side Robbie Flavel and his rink got up 24-19 over Luke Pietersma to earn an additional two points.

Salisbury v Adelaide:

Salisbury was the third team to lose at home going down 85-95 to the Adelaide Blues but picking up four points in a split rink game.

For the Blues Scott Thulborn and his rink prevailed 35-21 against Ross McConnell in a match winning performance.

Andrew Feijen skipped his four to a 22-19 defeat of Brenton Bain.

For Salisbury the ever reliable, Simon Dorr, and his rink came away with a 23-18 success against Dale Robertson.

Bernie Ward also took the points with a 22-20 defeat of Tim Hicks.

West Lakes v Grange:

The Grange Dolphins banked 14 points after a 96-82 win at West Lakes.

Wayne Ruediger skipped his four to a 30-20 win against James Gregory in a match defining result.

Tyson Wilson and his rink prevailed 21-16 against Mark Haines.

Nathan Black and his four played well in a 23-20 win against Josh Chopin.

For the Lakers Aaron Bremner came away with a 26-20 defeat of Craig Mills.

Club Holdfast v Modbury:

Modbury grabbed 12 points after a sensational 87-86 success at Club Holdfast.

The club was forced to fight all afternoon before coming away with a positive result.

In his first game for the northern club, Josh Thomson skipped his four to a 22-13 defeat of Ashley Klose in the day’s most telling result.

Jose Gil and his rink backed up with a 27-20 win against Jayden Zellar.

For Holdfast, Josh Studham did best with a 27-18 success against Pat McGuinness.

Matt Northcott prevailed 26-20 against Gary Meekoms to also bank points.

Division One:

Woodville v Marion:

Woodville began the season well banking 15 points after a 91-63 home win against Marion.

Mark Hanrahan and his four prevailed 25-7 against Mason Kauffer in the day’s most telling result.

Vincenzo Dimasi Skipped his rink to a 24-15 success over Ken Holtham.

Salvatore Marafioti and his four won a tight one 18-17 over Scott Andreassen.

After an even game Michael Haywood and Tony Devlin came away with a 24-24 draw.

Toorak/Burnside v Salisbury

Salisbury banked 14 points after a 75-56 win at Toorak/Burnside.

The evergreen, Eric Datson, skipped his rink to a 32-7 success against Mike Hocking in a match winning performance.

James Annandale defeated Guy Uren 19-12 in another good performance.

Philip McNally and his four got up 17-15 against Trevor Feast.

For Toorak Brian Jenkins prevailed 22-7 against David Knowles to give the club its only points for the day.

Morphett Vale v Modbury:

Modbury pocketed 14 points after an excellent 83-58 win at Morphett Vale.

Mitch Walker skipped his four to a 23-10 success in the day’s most telling result.

Tony Weir and his rink prevailed 23-14 against Tony Batchelor in another good result.

Kerry Schultz skipped his four to a 22-17 win against Brian McArdie.

For the Emus John Munro came away with a 17-15 win against Norb Kratz to give the club its only win.

Hawthorn v Tranmere:

Hawthorn played well all day in a 78-62 -16point win at home against Tranmere.

Steve Packer and his rink did best with a 23-14 defeat of Graham Young/.

Alex Gebert and his four prevailed 22-19 against John Feddersen in another good performance.

Darren Niblett and his rink won a tight one 16-15 against Peter Marshall.

Brett Willcox also picked up the points from a 17-14 success against Doug Jewels.

Payneham v Rosewater:

After losing a number of players during the off-season Payneham fought back banking 13 points after an 86- 69 home win against Rosewater.

Darren Siegertsz skipped his rink to a 26-12 defeat of John Ireland in the day’s most telling result.

Paul Uranjek and his four prevailed 20-16 against Steve Thompson.

In a tight encounter Pete Matthews waked off the green with a 20-20 draw with Paul O’Dea.

For Rosewater Peter Schultz skipped his four to a 21-20 win against Ben McDonnell to earn his club a further two points.

Division Two:

Gawler v Brighton

Gawler started the season in the best possible way pocketing a full count of 16 points after a 100-70 home defeat of Brighton.

Leigh Roberts and his rink prevailed 23-11 against Carli Mitchell in the day’s most telling performance.

Daryl Kubisch skipped his four to a 27-17 defeat of Mark Green.

Rod Squire and his rink also played well in a 25-21 success against Graham McNamara.

Darren Hunter rounded off a great day with a 25-21 win against Tony Lock.

Marion v Happy Valley

Marion banked 13 points after a 74-69 home win against Happy Valley.

David Kurtz and his rink played well all day before walking off the green with a 23-15 defeat of Robert Schultz in the day’s best performance.

Lindsay Mortimer and his four got up 20-18 against Avis Steer.

Raymond Egan and his rink fought hard all day before finishing with an 18-18 draw with Alan Dudley.

For the Valley Colin Barker grabbed two points from an 18-13 defeat of Ted Hibberd.

Henley v Millswood:

Henley banked 12 points after a 77-76 split rink home win against Millswood.

Chris McConnell skipped his rink to a 22-14 defeat of Matthew Rossi in the day’s best result.

Peter Crouch was also impressive in a 22-18 win against Chris Dew

For Millswood Andrew Rossi started the season well skipping his rink to a 25-15 win against Geoff Coultas.

Andrew Stasinowski and his four also pocketed points after a close 19-18 win against Gary Schurgott.

 Adelaide v Port Noarlunga

Adelaide kicked off the season with an 80-59 16point home win against Port Noarlunga.

Chris Firth skipped his rink to a 25-14 defeat of Karlee Moffatt in the day’s big result.

Richard Hooper now back with the Blues skipped his four to a 20-15 win against Rick Hilder.

Sandy Wallace got up 16-13 against Ian Lane.

Alan Hurst finished a great day for the Blues taking two more points from a 19-17 defeat of Anthony Moffatt.

Beaumont v Ascot Park

Ascot Park started the season with an 85-70 12point success at Beaumont.

In a split rink game Peter Scholefield and his rink stood out with a 31-7 defeat of Robert Ormston in a match winning performance.

Stephen Tarr and his rink prevailed 20-15 against John Bohner.

For Beaumont John Elwin and his four prevailed 25-14 against John Van Mierlo to grab two points.

Neville Kirby and his rink got up 23-20 against Robert Langford.

John Bevin

17th October 2021