Around the Greens

Saturday Open Pennants Round Two

Saturday’s Round Two of the open pennant competitions threw up its share of surprises and great performances. Some matches have some amazing finishes and the match between Henley and Holdfast in the Premier division was no exception. The following is my appraisal of want happened on another fine day across the city.

Premier League:

Grange v Ascot Park:

Ascot Park produced a great result taking 15 points after an 88-76 15 point win at Grange.

Mitch Percy and his four defeated Wayne Ruediger 21-13 in the days most telling result.

Gavin Pfeiffer and his rink prevailed 23-20 against Tyson Wilson in another good performance.

After a tight encounter, Anthony Treloar and his four also banked points from a 20-19 defeat of Craig Mills.

On the fourth rink, Dolphin Nathan Black came away with a 24-24 draw with Sam Dietrich to give the club its only point for the match.

Modbury v Salisbury:

In a matchup between traditional rivals, Modbury and Salisbury the Thunder took the honours 109-87 in a split rink game.

Gary Meekcoms and his four came up with a big performance prevailing 36-17 against Brenton Bain in the game’s most telling result.

Jose Gil and his rink have started well this season and the foursome’s 28-15 defeat of Bernie Ward was full of merit.

For Salisbury Simon Dorr and his four did best with a 32-24 success against Josh Thompson.

Ross McConnell added a further two points for Salisbury with a 23-21 defeat of John Nelson.  

Henley v Club Holdfast:

After a home defeat, by 1 shot, in round one Club Holdfast answered with a nail-biting 95-94, 1 shot win, and collected 14 points at Henley. But what a finish to the match. 2 rinks left playing their last ends of the match and Holdfast are 5 shots down overall. Josh Studham managed to drag the jack back to grab a 5 and tie the match overall as well as winning his rink. Ashley Klose playing against Tim Dodds plays his last bowl to draw the winning shot and grab the match overall for Holdfast – Phew – that’s bowls!   

Ashley Klose and his four did best prevailing 29-21 against Tim Dodds in the day’s best result.

Matt Northcott skipped his rink to a 20-15 defeat of Neil Miller.

Josh Studham played a terrific shot on his last end to steal a valuable win over Geoff Collins by 28-27.

For the Sharks, David Prior banked two points after a 31-18 win against Jayden Zeller.  

Somerton v West Lakes:

The Seagulls continued some good work banking 14 points after a 105-86 home defeat of West Lakes.

Scott Taylor skipped his four to a 32-17 defeat of James Gregory in the day’s best result.

Nathan Pedersen and his rink were equally impressive in a 31-22 success against Josh Chopin.

Luke Pietersma and his four came away with a 22-18 win against Mark Haines.

For the Lakers, Aaron Bremner defeated Jeff Aworth 29-20 to give the club its only points on the day.  

Adelaide v Lockleys:

After a home loss in round one Lockleys bounced back banking 13 points after a 97-88 win at Adelaide.

Ashley Halls and his four prevailed 30-20 against Tim Hicks in the game’s most telling result.

New to the club this year Chris Flavel skipped his rink to a 23-14 win against Dale Robertson.

Gabe Nardecchia and his four fought hard all day before walking off the green with a 23-23 draw with Andrew Feijen.

For Adelaide Scott Thulborn again did well with a solid 31-21 win against Robbie Flavel.

Division One:

There is no doubt at all that the Division One competition will again be competitive as it always has been this season. There is always plenty going on as the following reports will show.

Tranmere v Woodville:

Tranmere scored a hard-fought 83-79 win against Woodville at home and banked 12 points from the split rink match.

Peter Marshall and his four did best with a 29-10 success against Mark Hanrahan in the day’s most telling result.

Edward Dolan and his rink were equally impressive banking two points from a 24-16 defeat of Michael Haywood.

For Woodville Vincenzo Dimasi and his four almost did enough with a 28-12 win against the competitive John Feddersen.  

Salvatore Marafioti and his rink also banked points from a 25-18 success against Doug Jewels.

Rosewater v Morphett Vale:

Rosewater banked a valuable 14 points after an 83-69 home win against Morphett Vale.

Peter Schultz and his rink did best with a 29-12 win against Graham Aitken in a match-winning performance.

Steve Thompson and his four showed good form prevailing 20-12 against Brian McArdle.

Paul O’Dea and his rink won a tight one 19-17 against John Munro.

For Morphett Vale Tony Batchelor and his four prevailed 28-15 against John Ireland in an excellent performance.

Marion v Payneham:

Payneham recorded its second win of the season banking 14 points after an 83-70 win at Marion.

Darren Siegertsz and his four did best with an excellent 25-10 win against Mark Tonkin in the day’s best result.

Aussie Cunningham and his four prevailed 26-23 against the experienced Ken Holtham in another telling result.

Paul Uranjek and his rink won a tight one 18-17 against Tony Devlin.

For Marion Mason Kaufer defeated Ben McDonnell 20-14 to give the club its only points.

Salisbury v Hawthorn:

Hawthorn put in an excellent performance banking 14 points from a 93-65 win at Salisbury.

Brett Willcox and his four prevailed 28-16 against Philip McNally in the day’s most telling result.

Darren Niblett skipped his four to a 24-14 success against James Annandale to also bank points.

Steve Packer and four came away with a 27-19 win against Eric Datson.

For Salisbury, Gerald Phillips prevailed 16-14 against Alex Gebert to earn the club its only points.

Modbury v Toorak/Burnside:

The Thunder again played well banking 13 points after an 82-62 home win against Toorak/Burnside. With both the Premier League and Division One teams getting up in round two, Modbury would have been a great place to be on Saturday night.

Mitch Walker and his rink came up with goods taking the points after a 30-10 defeat of Guy Uren in the day’s best result.

Tony Weir and his four won a close one 21-18 over Mike Hocking.

John Cooper and his rink went hard all day before coming away with a 13-13 draw with Trevor Feast.

For Toorak, Brian Jenkins defeated Norb Kratz 21-18 to give the club its only two points for the match.

Division Two:

Port Noarlunga v Gawler:

Port Noarlunga pulled out all the stops in a 78-71 11 point home win against Gawler.

The club won on only one rink of four with Anthony Moffatt and his rink taking the points after a sensational 31-11 defeat of Leigh Roberts. It was a match-winning performance.

Karlee Mofatt skipped her rink to a 16-16 draw with Rod Squire to grab an important point.

For Gawler Darren Hunter and his four prevailed 23-15 against Ian Lane.

Daryl Kubisch and his rink prevailed 21-16 against Rick Hilder.

 Ascot Park v Henley:

Ascot Park had a good day out grabbing 12 points after a 78-71 hard-fought split rink home game.

Steve Tarr and his rink prevailed 24-9 over Gary Schurgott in the day’s best result.

Robert Langford and his four also took points after a 25-19 defeat of Peter Crouch.

For the Sharks, Chris McConnell defeated Scott Bennier 18-16.

Geoff Coultas prevailed 25-13 against Peter Scholefield. On another day such a score-line could well have had a big impact on the overall match result

Brighton v Beaumont:

Beaumont banked a full count of 16 points after a sensational 96-57 win at Brighton.

With all rinks firing Neville Kirby and his four did best prevailing 30-14 against Darrell Fishpool.

Robert Ormston skipped his rink to a 23-14 success against Graham McNamara in another good performance.

John Elwin and his four defeated Mark Green 21-12 and John Bohner got up over Tony Lock 22-17.

Happy Valley v Adelaide:

Adelaide banked an important 13 points after an 80-69 win at Happy Valley.

Chris Firth skipped his four to a 24-14 defeat of Colin Barker in the day’s most telling result.

Richard Hooper and his rink prevailed 20-17 against Alan Dudley.

After a tight encounter, Alan Hurst walked off the green with a 20-20 draw with Avis Steer.

For the Valley Reds, Peter Barrett and his rink grabbed two points after an 18-16 defeat of Sandy Wallace.

Millswood v Marion:

Newly promoted Millswood had a good day out banking 14 points after a 96-72 home win against Marion.

Enio Rossi and his rink played out of their skins in a 36-6 success against Raymond Egan.

Matthew Rossi and his four also played well defeating Frank McAuliffe 24-17.

On the third rink, Andrew Stasinowsky and his rink took the points after a 25-23 win against Ted Hibberd.

For Marion Lindsay Mortimer and his four prevailed 26-11 against Chris Dew in what was a good performance.

John Bevin