SATurDAY Pennants

Saturday Pennant Grand Finals

Club Secretaries

Following the conclusion of the 2021/22 Saturday Pennant Finals Preliminary Finals, please find below details regarding Saturday pennant Grand Finals.

Host clubs for the 2021/22 Pennant Grand Finals have been contacted by the MBA.

The Host Club is responsible for providing a venue Manager of the Day unless another person is appointed by the MBA.

Please also refer to the memo “Host Clubs – Pennant Semi & Prelim Finals 7 March 2022” for important information on the conduct of Finals games.

Selectors are reminded that there may be restrictions on player eligibility for Grand Finals games, depending on the results of preceding Finals games for that club (Rule 2.13).

Clubs are reminded that if there is a protest regarding a Grand Final game, that protest will need to be lodged with the Manager of the Day within 15 minutes of the completion of the match – refer Rules 10.2 & 10.4

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks

Chair, MBA Match & Program Committee

Premier League
Saturday 12 MarchGrangeVClub HoldfastGrange
Saturday 12 MarchSomertonVModburyGrange
Saturday 19 MarchClub HoldfastVSomertonClub Holdfast
Sunday 27 MarchGrangeVSomertonSalisbury
  Division 1
Saturday 12 MarchHawthornVMarionHawthorn
Saturday 12 MarchWoodvilleVModburySalisbury
Saturday 19 MarchMarion ModburyMarion
Sunday 27 MarchHawthornVMarionSalisbury
Division 2
Saturday 12 MarchAdelaideVMarionAdelaide
Saturday 12 MarchMillswoodVAscot ParkAdelaide
Saturday 19 MarchAdelaideVMillswoodAdelaide
Saturday 26 MarchMarionVAdelaideHenley
  Division 3 North
Saturday 12 MarchPaynehamVGrangePayneham
Saturday 12 MarchPara HillsVKensington/ MarryatvillePayneham
Saturday 19 MarchPaynehamVKensington/ MarryatvillePayneham
Saturday 26 MarchGrangeVPaynehamSalisbury
  Division 3 South
Saturday 12 MarchSomertonVEdwardstownSomerton
Saturday 12 MarchBlackwoodVHawthornSomerton
Saturday 19 MarchEdwardstownVHawthornEdwardstown
Saturday 26 MarchSomertonVEdwardstownAscot Park
  Division 4 North
Saturday 12 MarchModburyVRosewaterModbury
Saturday 12 MarchHope Valley RedVWest LakesModbury
Saturday 19 MarchRosewaterVHope Valley RedRosewater
Saturday 26 MarchModburyVRosewaterSemaphore
  Division 4 South
Saturday 12 MarchClarence GardensVBrighton RedClarence Gardens
Saturday 12 MarchHappy Valley RedVPort NoarlungaClarence Gardens
Saturday 19 MarchBrighton RedVHappy Valley RedBrighton
Saturday 26 MarchClarence GardensVBrighton RedClub Holdfast
  Division 4 East
Saturday 12 MarchHawthornVAdelaideHawthorn
Saturday 12 MarchProspect/ BroadviewVClearviewGrange
Saturday 19 MarchAdelaideVClearviewAdelaide
Saturday 26 MarchHawthornVAdelaideToorak/ Burnside
  Division 4 West
Saturday 12 MarchLockleysVWoodvilleLockleys
Saturday 12 MarchNovar GardensVSomertonLockleys
Saturday 19 MarchLockleysVSomertonLockleys
Saturday 26 MarchWoodvilleVLockleysClub Holdfast
Division 5 North
Saturday 12 MarchModbury RedVPara HillsModbury
Saturday 12 MarchProspect/ BroadviewVGawlerModbury
Saturday 19 MarchModbury Red Prospect/ BroadviewModbury
Saturday 26 MarchPara HillsVProspect/ BroadviewSalisbury
  Division 5 South
Saturday 12 MarchBlackwoodVEdwardstownBlackwood
Saturday 12 MarchSomertonVMorphett Vale RedBlackwood
Saturday 19 MarchBlackwoodVSomertonBlackwood
Saturday 26 MarchEdwardstownVBlackwoodClub Holdfast
  Division 5 East
Saturday 12 MarchHawthornVTrinity GardensHawthorn
Saturday 12 MarchSturtVMillswoodLockleys
Saturday 19 MarchTrinity GardensVSturtTrinity Gardens
Saturday 26 MarchHawthornVSturtToorak/ Burnside
  Division 5 West
Saturday 12 MarchPort Noarlunga RedVPort AdelaidePort Noarlunga
Saturday 12 MarchCroydonVAscot Park WhitePort Noarlunga
Saturday 19 MarchPort AdelaideVAscot Park WhitePort Adelaide
Saturday 26 MarchPort Noarlunga RedVPort AdelaideSemaphore
  Division 6 North
Saturday 12 MarchSalisbury WhiteVProspect/ BroadviewSalisbury
Saturday 12 MarchHope Valley RedVPlayford RedSalisbury
Saturday 19 MarchProspect/ BroadviewVHope Valley RedProspect/ Broadview
Saturday 26 MarchSalisbury WhiteVHope Valley RedHenley
  Division 6 South
Saturday 12 MarchMarion RSLVHappy Valley RedMarion RSL
Saturday 12 MarchChristies BeachVReynella RedMarion RSL
Saturday 19 MarchHappy Valley RedVChristies BeachHappy Valley
Saturday 26 MarchMarion RSLVHappy Valley RedAscot Park
  Division 6 East
Saturday 12 MarchSalisbury RedVHawthorn WhiteSalisbury
Saturday 12 MarchBeaumontVKensington/ MarryatvilleSalisbury
Saturday 19 MarchSalisbury RedVKensington/ MarryatvilleSalisbury
Saturday 26 MarchHawthorn WhiteVSalisbury RedToorak/ Burnside

Division 6 West

Saturday 12 MarchHenleyVClub HoldfastHenley
Saturday 12 MarchWoodvilleVSomertonHenley
Saturday 19 MarchClub HoldfastVSomertonClub Holdfast
Saturday 26 MarchHenleyVSomertonSemaphore

Division 6 Central South

Saturday 12 MarchColonel Light GardensVHawthorn RedColonel Light Gardens
Saturday 12 MarchMillswoodVClarence GardensColonel Light Gardens
Saturday 19 MarchHawthorn RedVClarence GardensHawthorn
Saturday 26 MarchColonel Light GardensVHawthorn RedHenley

Division 7 North

Saturday 12 MarchModbury RedVBeaumont WhiteModbury
Saturday 12 MarchWoodvilleVSemaphore RedModbury
Saturday 19 MarchModbury RedVWoodvilleModbury
Saturday 26 MarchBeaumont WhiteVModbury RedSalisbury

Division 7 South

Saturday 12 MarchSomerton RedVPort Noarlunga RedSomerton
Saturday 12 MarchGlenelg RedVReynellaSomerton
Saturday 19 MarchPort Noarlunga RedVGlenelg RedPort Noarlunga
Saturday 26 MarchSomerton RedVGlenelg RedAscot Park

Division 7 East

Saturday 12 MarchBeaumont RedVTrinity GardensBeaumont
Saturday 12 MarchKensingtonM/ville RedVHawthornBeaumont
Saturday 19 MarchBeaumont RedVKensingtonM/ville RedBeaumont
Saturday 26 MarchTrinity GardensVKensingtonM/ville RedSalisbury

Division 7 West

Saturday 12 MarchLockleys RedVHenley RedLockleys
Saturday 12 MarchSomerton WhiteVMarion RSL redLockleys
Saturday 19 MarchHenley RedVSomerton WhiteHenley
Saturday 26 MarchLockleys RedVHenley RedAscot Park