SATurDAY Pennants

Saturday Pennant Grand Finals

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Following the conclusion of the 2022/23 Saturday Preliminary Finals, please find below details regarding Saturday Pennant Grand Final games & venues.

Note: One Grand Final venue has been altered because of concerns regarding adequate parking availability. Identified with red text.

Selectors are reminded that there may be restrictions on player eligibility for Grand Final games, depending on the results of the preceding Finals games for that club (Rule 3.9)

Clubs are reminded that if there is a protest regarding a Finals game, that protest must be lodged in accordance with Rule 12.1 except in circumstances where an immediate decision is required – refer Rule 12.2

The Host Club is responsible for providing a venue Manager of the Day unless another person is appointed by the MBA.

Please also refer to the memo “Host Clubs – Pennant Semi & Preliminary Finals 10 March 2023” for

important information on the conduct of Finals games.

Pennant Grand Finals will be played in accordance with the latest iteration of Version 3 of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Any questions or further clarification regarding Grand Final arrangements should be directed to the MBA Executive committee (

Steve Franks

Chair, MBA Match & Program Committee

Premier League
Saturday 18 MarchGrangeVSomertonGrange
Saturday 18 MarchAdelaideVAscot ParkGrange
Saturday 25 MarchSomertonVAscot ParkSomerton
Sunday 2 AprilGrangeVSomertonHawthorn
  Division 1
Saturday 18 MarchPaynehamVWoodvillePayneham
Saturday 18 MarchAdelaideVSalisburyPayneham
Saturday 25 MarchPayneham AdelaidePayneham
Saturday 1 AprilWoodvilleVPaynehamHawthorn
Division 2
Saturday 18 MarchPort NoarlungaVSomertonPort Noarlunga
Saturday 18 MarchMillswoodVToorak / BurnsidePort Noarlunga
Saturday 25 MarchSomertonVToorak / BurnsideSomerton
Saturday 1 AprilPort NoarlungaVToorak / BurnsideHawthorn
  Division 3 North
Saturday 18 MarchPlayfordVGrangePlayford
Saturday 18 MarchHenleyVKensington/ MarryatvillePlayford
Saturday 25 MarchPlayfordVKensington/ MarryatvillePlayford
Saturday 1 AprilGrangeVPlayfordHawthorn
  Division 3 South
Saturday 18 MarchBlackwoodVHawthornBlackwood
Saturday 18 MarchEdwardstownVSturtBlackwood
Saturday 25 MarchBlackwoodVEdwardstownBlackwood
Saturday 1 AprilHawthornVEdwardstownMarion
  Division 4 North
Saturday 18 MarchSemaphore RedVTranmere RedSemaphore
Saturday 18 MarchRosewaterVHope Valley RedSemaphore
Saturday 25 MarchTranmere RedVRosewaterTranmere
Saturday 1 AprilSemaphore RedVTranmere RedBeaumont
  Division 4 South
Saturday 18 MarchAscot Park RedVMarionAscot Park
Saturday 18 MarchBlackwood RedVHawthorn WhiteAscot Park
Saturday 25 MarchMarionVHawthorn WhiteMarion
Saturday 1 AprilAscot Park RedVMarionBrighton
  Division 4 East
Saturday 18 MarchTranmere WhiteVHawthorn RedTranmere
Saturday 18 MarchClearviewVProspect/ Broadview WhiteTranmere
Saturday 25 MarchHawthorn RedVClearviewHawthorn
Saturday 1 AprilTranmere WhiteVHawthorn RedMarion
  Division 4 West
Saturday 18 MarchSomertonVWoodvilleSomerton
Saturday 18 MarchPort Noarlunga RedVNovar GardensAscot Park
Saturday 25 MarchWoodvilleVPort Noarlunga RedWoodville
Saturday 1 AprilSomertonVPort Noarlunga RedWest Lakes
Division 5 North
Saturday 18 MarchModbury WhiteVModbury RedModbury
Saturday 18 MarchHope ValleyVTwo WellsModbury
Saturday 25 MarchModbury White Hope ValleyModbury
Saturday 1 AprilModbury RedVModbury WhiteRosewater
  Division 5 South
Saturday 18 MarchChristies BeachVHappy Valley RedChristies Beach
Saturday 18 MarchMarionVClarence GardensChristies Beach
Saturday 25 MarchHappy Valley RedVMarionHappy Valley
Saturday 1 AprilChristies BeachVHappy Valley RedBrighton
  Division 5 East
Saturday 18 MarchPayneham RedVMillswoodPayneham
Saturday 18 MarchBeaumontVWalkervillePayneham
Saturday 25 MarchMillswoodVWalkervilleMillswood
Saturday 1 AprilPayneham RedVMillswoodHawthorn
  Division 5 West
Saturday 18 MarchSomertonVLockleysSomerton
Saturday 18 MarchTorrensvilleVGlenelg (penalty)Lockleys
Saturday 25 MarchSomertonVTorrensvilleSomerton
Saturday 1 AprilLockleysVSomertonMarion
  Division 6 North
Saturday 18 MarchTranmere RedVModburyTranmere
Saturday 18 MarchTwo WellsVHope Valley RedTranmere
Saturday 25 MarchModburyVHope Valley RedModbury
Saturday 1 AprilTranmere RedVHope Valley RedBeaumont
  Division 6 South
Saturday 18 MarchPort Noarlunga WhiteVBrighton RedPort Noarlunga
Saturday 18 MarchSomerton RedVMarion RedPort Noarlunga
Saturday 25 MarchBrighton RedVMarion RedBrighton
Saturday 1 AprilPort Noarlunga WhiteVBrighton RedWest Lakes
  Division 6 East
Saturday 18 MarchPaynehamVKensington/ Marryatville RedPayneham
Saturday 18 MarchMillswoodVWalkervilleGrange
Saturday 25 MarchPaynehamVMillswoodPayneham
Saturday 1 AprilKensington/ M’tville RedVMillswoodBeaumont

Division 6 West

Saturday 18 MarchWoodvilleVWest LakesWoodville
Saturday 18 MarchLockleysVRosewaterWoodville
Saturday 25 MarchWest LakesVLockleysWest Lakes
Saturday 1 AprilWoodvilleVLockleysMarion

Division 6 Central South

Saturday 18 MarchSomerton WhiteVPort Noarlunga RedSomerton
Saturday 18 MarchNovar GardensVClarence GardensSomerton
Saturday 25 MarchSomerton WhiteVClarence GardensSomerton
Saturday 1 AprilPort Noarlunga RedVClarence GardensWest Lakes

Division 7 North

Saturday 18 MarchSemaphore RedVSemaphore WhiteSemaphore
Saturday 18 MarchWoodvilleVProspect/ BroadviewSemaphore
Saturday 25 MarchSemaphore WhiteVProspect/ BroadviewSemaphore
Saturday 1 AprilSemaphore RedVSemaphore WhiteRosewater

Division 7 South

Saturday 18 MarchClarence Gardens RedVSomerton RedClarence Gardens
Saturday 18 MarchPort Noarlunga RedVMarionClarence Gardens
Saturday 25 MarchSomerton RedVMarionBrighton
Saturday 1 AprilClarence Gardens RedVSomerton RedBrighton

Division 7 East

Saturday 18 MarchSturt RedVPaynehamSturt
Saturday 18 MarchBeaumont RedVColonel Light GardensSturt
Saturday 25 MarchPaynehamVBeaumont RedPayneham
Saturday 1 AprilSturt RedVPaynehamRosewater

Division 7 West

Saturday 18 MarchLockleys RedVSomerton WhiteLockleys
Saturday 18 MarchNovar GardensVGrangeLockleys
Saturday 25 MarchLockleys RedVGrangeLockleys
Saturday 1 AprilSomerton WhiteVLockleys RedMarion
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