SATurDAY Pennants

Saturday Grand Finals

Following the conclusion of the 2020/21 Saturday Pennant Preliminary Finals, please find below details regarding the Grand Finals. 

Host Clubs will have all been contacted separately about arrangements for their venue.

As per rule 9.2, all games will be played straight through with no break or time limit.

In the event of a draw after the full allotment of ends, side Managers will toss for the mat and all teams shall complete one end from the end of the rink at which that game was finalised (refer to Law 28).  In the event of there still being a draw, the procedure will be repeated until a winner is obtained.

Premier League

Saturday 20 MarchWest Lakesdef byClub HoldfastWest Lakes
Saturday 20 MarchSomertondef byAdelaideWest Lakes
Sunday 21 MarchWest LakesdefAdelaideWest Lakes
Saturday 27 MarchClub HoldfastVWest LakesAscot Park

Division 1

Saturday 20 MarchHenleydefHawthornHenley
Saturday 20 MarchLockleysdefMorphett ValeHenley
Sunday 21 MarchHawthorndef byLockleysHawthorn
Saturday 27 MarchHenleyVLockleysAscot Park

Division 2

Saturday 20 MarchSalisburydefAdelaideSalisbury
Saturday 20 MarchPort Noarlungadef byModburySalisbury
Sunday 21 MarchAdelaidedef byModburyAdelaide
Saturday 27 MarchSalisburyVModburyLockleys

Division 3 North

Saturday 20 MarchBeaumontdefPlayfordBeaumont
Saturday 20 MarchTranmeredef byGrangeBeaumont
Sunday 21 MarchPlayforddefGrangePlayford
Saturday 27 MarchBeaumontVPlayfordModbury

Division 3 South

Saturday 20 MarchMillswooddefSomertonMillswood
Saturday 20 MarchBlackwooddef byEdwardstownMillswood
Sunday 21 MarchSomertondefEdwardstownSomerton
Saturday 27 MarchMillswoodVSomertonMarion

Division 4 North

Saturday 20 MarchModburydef byTwo WellsModbury
Saturday 20 MarchHope Valley ReddefPlayford RedModbury
Sunday 21 MarchModburydef byHope Valley RedModbury
Saturday 27 MarchTwo WellsVHope Valley RedTrinity Gardens

Division 4 South

Saturday 20 MarchMariondefHappy Valley RedMarion
Saturday 20 MarchBrighton ReddefSomertonMarion
Sunday 21 MarchHappy Valley Reddef byBrighton RedMarion
Saturday 27 MarchMarionVBrighton RedAscot Park

Division 4 East

Saturday 20 MarchPayneham ReddefClarence GardensPayneham
Saturday 20 MarchAdelaidedef byTranmerePayneham
Sunday 21 MarchClarence Gardensdef byTranmereClarence Gardens
Saturday 27 MarchPayneham RedVTranmereToorak Burnside

Division 4 West

Saturday 20 MarchLockleysdef byHenleyLockleys
Saturday 20 MarchTorrensvilledef byBrighton WhiteLockleys
Sunday 21 MarchLockleysdefBrighton WhiteLockleys
Saturday 27 MarchHenleyVLockleysMarion

Division 5 North

Saturday 20 MarchGawler ReddefTwo WellsGawler
Saturday 20 MarchTranmere ReddefClearviewGawler
Sunday 21 MarchTwo WellsdefTranmere RedTwo Wells
Saturday 27 MarchGawler RedVTwo WellsModbury

Division 5 South

Saturday 20 MarchBlackwooddefAscot ParkBlackwood
Saturday 20 MarchMariondefMorphett ValeBlackwood
Sunday 21 MarchAscot ParkdefMarionAscot Park
Saturday 27 MarchBlackwoodVAscot ParkLockleys

Division 5 East

Saturday 20 MarchWalkervilledefKensington MarryatvilleWalkerville
Saturday 20 MarchSturtdefClarence GardensWalkerville
Sunday 21 MarchKensington MarryatvilledefSturtKensington Marryatville
Saturday 27 MarchWalkervilleVKensington MarryatvilleTrinity Gardens

Division 5 West

Saturday 20 MarchHenleydefClub HoldfastHenley
Saturday 20 MarchPort Noarlunga Reddef byLockleysHenley
Sunday 21 MarchClub HoldfastdefLockleysClub Holdfast
Saturday 27 MarchHenleyVClub HoldfastToorak Burnside

If there are any questions regarding the above changes or further clarification required, please contact Match & Program (


Jeff Allen