SATurDAY Pennants

Saturday Pennant Round 12 – Replays

All club Secretaries

Clarification of procedures to begin/ complete unfinished Saturday Round 12 Pennant games (scheduled date 22 January 2022) .


All Divisions

A game starts with the delivery of the jack by the first player to play (any rink) in the first end (Law 5.3.1)

A started game shall be deemed to be “incomplete” unless/ until a certain number of ends (refer Rule 5.4) have been completed.

No replay is required for a “completed” game (a game that has reached or passed the minimum number of completed ends).

Premier League & Divisions 1 – 5

Incomplete games and games that were unable to start on Saturday 22 January 2022 will be completed on Friday 28 January.

  • Practice is allowed from 5.15pm.
  • 2 trial ends beginning by 6pm
  • Games must cease with the completion of the end in play at 10.30pm. If, at the time limit, the jack has been rolled the end shall be completed but not replayed if it becomes dead.

Pennant Conditions of Play allow for clubs to negotiate for alternative dates/times for replays, with the permission of MBA Match & Program Committee.

Games in which there was no play at all were not “constituted”

  • Selection of teams for 28 January can be made from all eligible players who did not play in Round 12 (i.e., excluding all players who were part of a started game in Round 12).
  • New scorecards should be used
  • Scorecards must be drawn for opponents & rinks of play at 5.45pm.

Games which were started but were called off for the day without being completed must continue with the procedures and restrictions applying to continuing games (Rule 8.1).

  • Games will resume from when they were abandoned with the same players in the same positions (see below for substitutes), using the same scorecards
  • A redraw of rinks at 5.45pm will be needed if there is any difference from rinks used in the original game
  • If a player is unavailable a substitute may be used
    • Players must not be transferred from one team to another
    • Only one substitute is allowed in each team (rink)
    • A substitute must not have played in any other game in any other side in Round 12 of the Saturday competition
    • A substitute must play in the same position as the player being substituted, except if it is the skip. If a substitute is required for a skip, then the other members must rearrange their positions as necessary (DR 2.4.5)
    • If a substitute is unavailable, the team will continue the game as if the second player is missing (refer Rule & DR 2.6.2)

Please also refer to Rule 2.3 of the Conditions of Play and the Laws of the Sport of Bowls – DR 2.1.3 & DR 2.4 for rules covering substitutes.

Divisions 6 and 7

  • Text  Description automatically generated with low confidenceIncomplete games and games that were unable to start on Saturday 22 January will be treated as a draw (Rule 8.1.2) with game points shared equally & 2 shots awarded to each team.

Steve Franks

Chairman MBA Match & Program Committee