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Season 2020/21 – Conditions of Play

The MBA is pleased to release the Conditions of Play for Season 2020/21.    Two versions are available, a standard A4 version and an A5 booklet.

There are no major changes for the coming season, only some fine-tuning and rewording.  The following are the Rules that have changed.

The following lists the changes from season 2018/19

  1. Substitutes (Rule 2.3) – more detailed information about the use of substitutes, paraphrased from DR 2.1 & 2.4.
  2. Other Gender (OG) (Rule 2.6) – We are changing the wording of the eligibility requirements making them simpler to interpret.   We have further reduced the maximum number of OG players that can be used to 4 in a 4 rink game (from 5 of 16 to 4 of 16), 3 in a 3 rink game (from 4 of 12 to 3 of 12) and 2 in a 2 rink game (from 3 of 8 to 2 of 8).  There will be no change to the rule that limits OG players to playing lead or second, however there will only be one OG player allowed per rink.
  3. Player eligibility in last 4 rounds (Rule 2.11) – the change made late last season requiring players to have played at least one game (instead of 4 games) in the lower side before round 15 to be eligible to play in that lower side will be formalized.
  4. Mid game breaks (Rule 3.15) – Mid game breaks have been resurrected for Saturday Divisions 1 & 2.  Only Divisions that play 25 ends will play straight through.
  5. Catastrophic Fire Ratings (Rule 7) – Automatic cancellation of matches for Clubs where a catastrophic rating is issued for their Fire Ban District.
  6. Stoppages of Play (Rule 7.6) – Some clarification regarding the responsibilities of umpires.
  7. Protests etc. (Rule 10) – removal from the Conditions of Play of the $ value of fees for protests etc. with referral l to the MBA Schedule of Fines, Penalties and Lodgement Fees.
  8. Demotions/Promotion (Rule 11.4) – Clarification that Demotions are processed before promotions.
  9. Mobile phones (Rule 14.3) – Detailed information about the use of communication devices on the green paraphrased from the Bowls Australia Policy.

Flow charts/decision trees have been included with the Conditions of Play to provide additional assistance for Clubs to interpret certain rules.  These cover player eligibility (minor rounds) and the heat rule (early start games etc.).

Jeff Allen

On behalf of the Match & Program Committee