SATurDAY Pennants

Season 2020/21 – Release of updated Pennant Side Listings

Updated side listings and draws for the Thursday and Saturday competitions have now been released. 

There have been no changes for the Wednesday competition.

Thursday Pennants

Following the withdrawal of a side there are now 24 sides in Division 3.  To avoid cross city travel as much as possible we have formed two sections of 12 sides (North East and South West) in this Division.

There have been subsequent changes to the ordering of Clubs in other Sections.

Saturday Pennants

Following the withdrawal of a side, changes have been made to the ordering of Clubs in the following Sections – Premier League and Divisions 1, 2, 4 North, 4 West, 5 North, 5 West, 6 South & 7 East.

All Competitions

The draw for all competitions will be released on BowsLink later today.

Side Listings and the draw

Where Clubs have more than one side in a Division, these sides are ranked in descending order of ability and are designated Red, White, Blue and Green with Red being the primary side.  For Clubs in this situation, colours have been allocated.  If any Club wishes to change the ranking order of those sides, they need to advise us in writing ( by Thursday 24th of September 2020.

Jeff Allen

On behalf of the Match & Program Committee