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Season 2021 22 Conditions of Play

Season 2021/22– Conditions of Play

The MBA is pleased to release the Conditions of Play for Season 2021/22. They are now available on the MBA website here Two versions will be available, an A5 booklet style and an A4 version.

The significant changes for the coming season mostly arise from a recent President’s meeting & from results from the MBA survey with clubs. Others are from Match & Program Committee deliberations related to the effects of COVID 19 on lasts season’s bowls and the potential for a similar disruption this season.

There has also been some relocation of Rules and rewording to improve structure.

The following lists the changes from season 2020/21 (2020/2021 Rule numbers)

  1. A Rule titled “Played Games” containing information formerly in Rule 2.12.1, with additional detail, has been added to the end of Section 1.
  2. Player eligibility for Finals (Rule 2.12.2) has been amended to consider only the last 9 scheduled Home & Away games of the season.
  3. Wednesday Division 3 is now a “5 rink” Division (Rule 3.2).
  4. Adjustments have made to the number of sections (Rule 3.3) & side limits (Rule 3.4) for Saturday Division 4.
  5. Variation to the controls on practice availability & times (Rule 3.11); [players should respect venue clubs’ decisions on greens access outside of indicated times].
  6. Draw times (Rule 3.11.4) have been moved to Section 4.
  7. Change of player position (Rule 3.13) has had allowable instances added.
  8. Mid-game breaks (Rule 3.15) will be compulsory for all Divisions except Saturday Premier League.
  9. Umpire of the Day cannot be side Manager or Coach (Rule 4.1).
  10. Section 5 Scoring & Results has some material moved from Section 4 and the sequence of Rules changed.
  11. Results entry time limits (Rule 5.9) have been amended; [clubs are encouraged to use mobile technologies to enter/confirm results as soon as possible after a game is finished].
  12. The final sentence in Rule 7.7 has been removed. [Rule 7.6 covers the circumstances].
  13. The statement about cancelled games & “Games played” (Rule 8.1.6) has been clarified.
  14. Saturday Divisions 4 & 5 (Section 8) will have replays for incomplete games.
  15. Finals series (Rule 9.1) will be played by all Divisions.
  16.  Clubs are expected to supply non-playing Umpires for all Finals games (Rule 9.3).
  17. Some alterations to procedures in Section 11 Promotions/Demotions related to more Divisions having Finals series.

Steve Franks