SATurDAY Pennants

Season Requirements, Information & Recommendations

To All MBA Member Clubs


Every Club must lodge a copy of its COVID-19 document with the MBA Secretary before the pennant season commences.

It is recommended that every Club presents a pre-match announcement to all bowlers and visitors with their arrangements for managing the day.

Arrangements must include the appointment of COVID-19 Marshals.

To assist with social distancing requirements, on the greens, it is strongly recommended that before the commencement of Pennant matches, that Side Managers have arranged to play ODD number rinks – North/South and EVEN number rinks South/North. This move will at least start matches with less crowding of players all at the same end.

The MBA and Match & Program have agreed to a temporary change to Rule 3.14 regarding Player Movement during Play.  To assist with social distancing Thirds can remain at the end with the Skipper until it is their turn to bowl.’

Arrangements for split breaks. This will depend on each Clubs seating that they have available within their clubrooms. Smaller Clubs, with less Sides playing at their venue, may not need to arrange split breaks.

Saturday times – session 1 at 2.30pm – session 2 at 3.00pm.

Wednesday times – session 1 at 1.45pm – session 2 at 2.15pm.

Thursday times – probably not affected.

After match seating could be considered in respect of social distancing requirements. Provision of some outdoor tables and seating could be of benefit to meet social distancing requirements.

Please remember that SAPOL will be providing an educative approach to those Clubs trying to do the right thing, but will not tolerate blatant disregard for the laws. Penalties include considerable fines for Clubs and individuals as well as Club licence suspensions.


A meeting of all Associations in conjunction with Bowls SA and Bowls Australia agreed that all Pennant competitions will operate “as normal”.

The MBA Executive and its Match and Program Committee has retained the playing format for all playing days and all divisions/sections to be the same as last season.

If this becomes impossible, then every attempt will be made to complete a meaningful season which will enable Pennant Winners and promotions and demotions to be determined.

While it is not possible now to make decisions on what actions may need to be taken, our guiding principles will be the following: –

  1. If the season needs to be reduced, we will aim to play all 18 rounds of “Home and Away” Pennant games and dispense with Finals.
  2. If we are unable to play a full 18 game “Home and Away” season, we will play as many rounds as possible with Pennant Winners and promotions and demotions only determined if at least 12 Pennant rounds have been played.
  3. If less than 12 Pennant rounds have been completed then no Pennants will be awarded and there will be no promotions or demotions for this season.


As agreed, at the MBA annual general meeting, Clubs no longer have to provide sandwiches or any other non-packaged food for the afternoon breaks.

All food provided must be pre-packaged with individual serves per bowler.

In the interests of food hygiene, protective gloves must be used in the preparation of all packaged food provided.  


Ron Mulliner

MBA Secretary

Full Memo can be downloaded here