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Selection & Management of Pennant sides

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Attention: Bowls managers/selectors

Selection & Management of Pennant sides

The MBA Match & Program committee is aware that some clubs, being encouraged to fill their lowest ranked side in a Pennant competition to avoid a forfeit, have been interpreting the Temporary Players rule (Rule 3.4) in ways that may have contravened the wording, but not the spirit, of the rule.

Clubs are reminded that the selection of bowlers to fill Pennant sides should conform with the rules in Section 3 of the Pennant Conditions of Play. Including bowlers who are ineligible for a particular side or who are played in numbers/positions/rinks that contravene the rules may lead to a protest by the opposing club.

If a club has doubts regarding the acceptance of the legality of their selected side by an opposing club for a forthcoming Pennant game, they should contact the other club as soon as practicable.

Clubs who have used players from another Member Club to fill their lowest ranked side on a regular basis have been instructed separately to formalise the arrangement before Pennant bowls resumes after the Christmas break by applying to create a Combined Side (Rule 2.5).

If any further clarification is required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks

Chair MBA Match & Program Committee

3.4 Temporary Players

In a Member Club’s lowest ranked side, when there are insufficient Full or Junior/Student eligible registered bowlers from that Member Club available to field a side, that Member Club may play any Bowls SA registered player, a casual or Night Owl bowler, or other person as a temporary player. Temporary players may only play as Lead or Second in a Four or Lead in a Triple.

  • 3.4.1 (TMP) Temporary must be recorded on the scorecards next to the Temporary player’s name.
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