Wednesday Pennants


One of the objectives of the MBA’s pennant programs is to offer competitions that are structured to attract as many players as possible to participate within those competitions.

The MBA Executive Committee has received a request, from a significant number of Clubs, to reconsider the proposal to commence pennant matches at the earlier start of 10 a.m. instead of 12.15 p.m.

Clubs have stated that they will lose players from playing in the Wednesday pennant competition because they cannot be available at the earlier start time. Some Clubs have indicated that they may have to reduce the number of Sides they will enter into the pennant competition for next season.

The financial implications from the loss of revenue from a reduced number of Sides entered by Clubs must also be considered.

The MBA Executive Committee, at its meeting held on 1st March, decided to leave the Wednesday pennant commencement time at 12.15 p.m. as per previous seasons.

Every Club can reassure its members that were affected by the proposed change that they can continue to enjoy Mid-Week bowls next season with the usual start times


Ron Mulliner