Thursday Pennants

Thursday Pennant Round 2 – Replays

Clarification of procedures to begin/ complete Thursday Round 2 Pennant games.

Incomplete games, or games that were unable to start on Thursday 28 October, will be completed on Tuesday 9 November with trial ends beginning by 9.45 am. Pennant Conditions of Play do allow for clubs to negotiate for alternative dates/times for replays, with the permission of Match & Program Committee.

Games in which there was no play at all were not “constituted” and selection of teams for 9 November can be made from all originally chosen players and any other eligible players who did not play in Round 2 (i.e., excluding players who were part of a started game).

Games which were started but were called off for the day without being “completed” (Rule 5.4) must continue with the procedures and restrictions applying to continuing games (Rule 8.1).

Steve Franks

Chairman MBA Match & Program Committee