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Thursday Women’s Pennants round 14

Going into round 14 of the Women’s Thursday competition it is obvious that the next two games are super important for many clubs at the top and the foot of the Premier and Division One ladders. Despite the interruptions we are getting throughout the season, it won’t be that long before some clubs will be relegated and others promoted. Every match from here on in will be critical.

Going into round 14, the top four sides in the Premier league are:

Hawthorn 98 points, Happy Valley 94, Payneham 90 and Club Holdfast 81.

The lower ranked four sides are:

Ascot Park 78, Prospect/Broadview 52 points, Marion 35 and Lockleys 34.

In Division One the top four sides are:

Brighton 116, Port Noarlunga 108, Morphett Vale 95 and West Lakes 80.

The lower ranked four sides are Tranmere 62, Kensington/Marryatville 55, Payneham 42 and Semaphore 24.

So, what happened next on a fine but overcast day in Adelaide? Please read on and I would again like to thank the ladies who have played a role this season.

Premier League:

Payneham v Prospect/Broadview:

Payneham moved to second spot on the ladder after prevailing 70-46 against Prospect/Broadview at home. The Panthers banked an important 10 points after the win.

Laini McGorman skipped her rink to a 29-12 defeat of Rosemary Harnett in the day’s best result.

Marie Roberts and her four also played well in a 23-15 triumph over Jan Nicholls.

For Prospect Denise Caulfield won a tight game 19-18 against an in-form Sue Maddern to give the club its only points. The team ended the day in eighth spot on the ladder.

Lockleys v Tranmere:

Tranmere grabbed an important 10 points after a strong 63-53 success at Lockleys. The club ended the day in fourth spot on the ladder with seven wins from 13 games.

Jackie Gardiner and her rink prevailed 34-11 against Karen Kovaleff to set up the victory.

Dianne Ferris skipped her rink to an 18-13 defeat of Lynette Nixon to also earn points.

For the Eagles Lyn Teague and her four came away with a 29-11 win against Mary Feddersen to give the club its only points. On another day such a performance would have had a more positive overall result.

Hope Valley v Ascot Park:

Ascot Park put in one of its better performances grabbing 10 points after a 61-53 win at Hope Valley.

The Lions moved to fifth spot on the ladder after recording its eighth win for the season.

Sue Coultas skipped her rink to a 24-12 triumph over Andrea Williams in what was the day’s best performance.

Chris Thulborn was equally effective skipping her four to a 25-16 defeat of Beverley Murdoch.

“It was another gritty struggle and at the end it was a really good performance. My rink and that of Chris Thulborn were up all day and Sue Vasey scored well in the second half” Sue Coultas said.

For Hope Valley Raelene Heitmann and her rink defeated Sue Vasey 25-12 to give the home club its only points.

 Hawthorn v Happy Valley:

In a battle between first and second Hawthorn began well and never faltered in a powerful 62-39, 12 point home win against Happy Valley. The Hawks now sit 10 points clear at the top of the table with 10 wins from 13 games.

Christine Keller skipped her rink to a 27-8 defeat of Deb Fry in the day’s most telling result.

Wendy Clarke and her four prevailed 14-12 against Sandra Barnes having finished strongly to take the points.

Anne Onto and her rink also finished well in a 21-19 defeat of Avis Steer.

“Keller was 19-0 up early and held her form. Both my rink and Onto’s rink did enough to get us over the line. We won 5 of the last seven ends and Anne Onto, 4 of the last 7 ends” Wendy Clarke said.

Happy Valley have dropped to third spot on the ladder after the loss.  

Marion v Club Holdfast:

Marion caused a boil over banking 8 points after a 54-51 home win against Club Holdfast. The Hurricanes still sit in ninth spot on the ladder after the positive result.

Dianne Gigney skipped her four to a 24-15 defeat of Mila Grimshaw which was a match winning performance.

For Holdfast Andrea Cresswell and her four prevailed 20-15 against Kath Crilley and Sandy Wallace triumphed 16-15 against Michelle Butler. The club ended the day in sixth spot.

Division One:

Payneham v West Lakes:

West Lakes played well in a 67-63, 10 point win at Payneham. It was enough to have the Lakers sitting in fourth spot on the ladder with 90 points.

Doris Thomas skipped her rink to a 26-18 win against Marlene Davey in the game’s most telling result.

Karen Gatto and her four also banked points after a 21-20 defeat of Robyn Darby.

For the Panthers June Hodkinson and her four prevailed 25-20 against Robyn Palmer to give the club its only points.

Payneham remained in ninth spot on the ladder.

Brighton v Tranmere:

Brighton continued its sparkling form with an 80-37, 10 point home win against Tranmere. After 13 completed games the club sits six points clear at the top of the table.

Teresa Lyons skipped her four to a stunning 41-8 defeat of Sue Sanders to put the game to bed early.

Carli Mitchell has dropped only one game at skip this season and a 26-8 triumph over Joan Thomson continued that form.

For Tranmere Pam Fullarton and her four prevailed 21-13 against Patria McGrath to give the club its only points.

Semaphore v Somerton:

Semaphore produced its best game of the season banking a full count of 12 points after an 82-39 home win against Somerton. The club remains at the foot of the table but gained ground on the teams above them.

Edna Dimond skipped her rink to a 28-9 defeat of Yvonne Bekeris in the day’s best result.

Anne Dunstan and her four prevailed 29-14 against Karen Sander in another good result.

Kerrie Sharkie ended a good day for the club with a 25-16 triumph over Maree Tumbas.

Somerton sits in sixth spot on the ladder.

Morphett Vale v Gawler:

Morphett Vale banked 9 points after a 66-61 defeat of Gawler. The Emus won on only one of three rinks played in what would have been a disappointing result.

Despite the lack of points on the day the southern club remains in third spot on the ladder with 9 wins for the season.

Ricki Hooper skipped her four to a 27-9 defeat of Kay Moncrieff in a match winning performance.

Paulina Lawrie and her rink drew 20-20 with Dawn Warland.

For Gawler Teresa Dean banked two points after a 22-19 triumph over Lea Modra.

Kensington/Marryatville v Port Noarlunga:

Port Noarlunga continued its rampant form banking 12 points after a 79-48 win at Kensington/Marryatville. The southern club retains second spot on the ladder a mere six points shy of Brighton.

Karlee Moffatt and her rink prevailed 29-13 against Robyn Walker in the club’s best result.

Doreen Taylor skipped her four to a 29-16 defeat of Helen Hutton.

Barbara Nesbitt and her rink triumphed 21-19 against Jeanette Hill.

“We’ll take that anytime. A good win and my rink got up with the final bowl of our game” said Barbara Nesbitt.