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Updated Season 2022 2023 Pennant Side Listings & Release of the Draw

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Updated side listings for all three competitions have now been released. Sides have been reordered within Sections & some sides moved between Sections to accommodate withdrawals and new nominations and to eliminate Byes.

The updated side listings will be available on the MBA Web site here. Changes as described below have been listed in red.

We expect that these represent the final listings, apart from some minor changes of side colours as per the note below.

Wednesday Pennants

Salisbury have withdrawn a side. Walkerville & Club Holdfast have each nominated an additional side.

Some Sections have had a reordering of sides.

Thursday Pennants

Some Sections have had a reordering of sides.

Saturday Pennants

Morphett Vale and Salisbury have each withdrawn a side. Brighton have been reinstated to Division 6 to replace Salisbury. Henley & Two Wells have each nominated an additional side. Happy Valley, Tranmere & Somerton (Division 5); Kensington/ Marryatville, Millswood, Port Noarlunga & Prospect/Broadview (Division 6); and Lockleys & West Lakes (Division 7) have been moved to different Sections.

There have been significant changes to the ordering of clubs in many Sections.

All Competitions – release of the Draw season 2022 / 2023

It is expected that the Draw for all competitions will be released on BowlsLink today.

Side Selection

Club selectors are reminded that the selection of their sides must conform with the requirements of Rule 3.7 and the designation of side rankings in Rule 2.4.1 and Rule 4.5

Side Rankings – multiple sides in a Division

Where clubs have more than one side in a Division, these sides are ranked in descending order of ability according to Rule 2.4.1 and designated Red, White, Blue and Green in descending ranking order. For clubs in this situation, Match & Program committee allocated ranking colours in the Preliminary Side Listings.

Clubs that have multiple sides in any Division are required to confirm with Match & Program committee by email ( which colour they have assigned to each of their sides in the Division by Monday 3rd of September.

Combined Sides

Clubs that are forming a combined side with another club are reminded of the requirements of Rule 2.5, including nominating an appropriate side name and the venue(s) for home games to Match & Program committee in writing to ( as soon as possible.

Venue swaps

Clubs that have individual requests for venue changes due to short-term limits on access to their greens are rasked to contact opposition clubs individually.

Pennant Structure

The MBA Match & Program committee will continue to apply its policy of returning the structure of the Wednesday competition Division 3 to four Sections of 10 sides each. It is intended that a similar policy will be applied to elements of the Saturday competition from this season onwards.

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks

On behalf of MBA Match & Program Committee


2.4 Side Ranking

2.4.1 Sides of a Club will be ranked as 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. in descending order of ability for each competition.

2.4.2 When a Member Club has more than one side entered in its lowest level of a Pennant competition, its lowest ranked side for the purpose of these rules will be the side determined as the lower ranked side under Rule 4.5.

2.4.3 If a Club does not have sufficient players to form a complete side for the Club’s lowest ranked side in a Pennant competition, the side can play with one or more teams of three Members playing as Lead, Third and Skip respectively in accordance with DR 2.6.

2.5 Combined Sides

2.5.1 If a Club does not have sufficient eligible players to form a single side in a Pennant competition it can seek approval from Match & Program Committee to combine with another Club or Clubs to enter a combined side in the lowest Division of the competition.

2.5.2 Where two Member Clubs each have a side or sides entered in a Pennant competition and have additional players but insufficient to field another complete side, they may seek permission from Match & Program Committee to enter a combined side.

2.5.3 The application must be made by the Club accepting responsibility for the side and be accompanied by written approval of the other Club or Clubs.

2.5.4 A combined side does not count as a club’s bottom side.

2.5.5 Where a combined side is entered, members of those Member Clubs, in accordance with Rule 3.1, may be selected to play for the combined side as original members.

2.5.6 The title of such side shall be determined by the Member Clubs concerned but shall NOT be the name of only one of those Member Clubs.

2.5.7 The ‘Home’ venue for combined sides shall be notified to their opponents and to Match & Program Committee as soon as possible.

2.5.8 Players playing in a combined side are required to wear the uniform of their Member Club and use the bowls discs of their Member Club.

3.7 Player Selection Guidelines

3.7.1 Each Member Club shall have a Pennant selection policy that is based on merit & recent performance regardless of gender; and with consideration given for compatibility and player development.Sides should be selected to maximise performance and achieve the best possible result, as well as taking into consideration the spirit of the game.

3.7.2 Sides will be filled by available eligible players according to the requirements of Rule 3.7.1 and in line with the gender requirements of the single gender competitions.

4.5  Multiple Sides

Where a Member Club has more than one side in the same Division the sides will be designated Red, White, Blue, and Green: Red being the higher ranked side and White the next ranked side etc.

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