Wednesday Pennants

Wednesday Pennant Grand Finals

Following the conclusion of the 2021/22 Wednesday Pennant Preliminary Finals, please find below details regarding Wednesday Pennant Grand Finals.

Host clubs for the 2021/22 Pennant Grand Finals have been contacted by the MBA.

The Host Club is responsible for providing a venue Manager of the Day unless another person is appointed by the MBA.

Please also refer to the memo “Host Clubs – Pennant Semi & Prelim Finals 7 March 2022” for important information on the conduct of Finals games.

Selectors are reminded that there may be restrictions on player eligibility for Grand Finals games, depending on the results of preceding Finals games for that club (Rule 2.13).

Clubs are reminded that if there is a protest regarding a Grand Final game, that protest will need to be lodged with the Manager of the Day within 15 minutes of the completion of the match – refer Rules 10.2 & 10.4

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks

Chair, MBA Match & Program Committee

Premier League
Wednesday 16 MarchModburyVHawthornModbury
Wednesday 16 MarchAscot ParkVMarionModbury
Wednesday 23 MarchModburyVAscot ParkModbury
Wednesday 30 MarchHawthornVAscot ParkSomerton
  Division 1
Wednesday 16 MarchWoodvilleVAdelaideWoodville
Wednesday 16 MarchTranmereVPort NoarlungaWoodville
Wednesday 23 MarchWoodvilleVPort NoarlungaWoodville
Wednesday 30 MarchAdelaideVPort NoarlungaSomerton
Division 2 North
Wednesday 16 MarchKensington/ MarryatvilleVGawlerKensington/ Marryatville
Wednesday 16 MarchRosewaterVPara HillsKensington/ Marryatville
Wednesday 23 MarchGawlerVPara HillsGawler
Wednesday 30 MarchKensington/ MarryatvilleVGawlerPayneham
  Division 2 South
Wednesday 16 MarchHawthornVMorphett ValeHawthorn
Wednesday 16 MarchClarence GardensVBlackwoodHawthorn
Wednesday 23 MarchMorphett ValeVClarence GardensMorphett Vale
Wednesday 30 MarchHawthornVClarence GardensWest Lakes
  Division 3 North
Wednesday 16 MarchHope Valley RedVSemaphoreHope Valley
Wednesday 16 MarchClearviewVModburyHope Valley
Wednesday 23 MarchHope Valley RedVClearviewHope Valley
Wednesday 30 MarchSemaphoreVHope Valley RedPlayford
  Division 3 South
Wednesday 16 MarchGlenelgVEdwardstownGlenelg
Wednesday 16 MarchBrighton RedVHappy Valley RedGlenelg
Wednesday 23 MarchEdwardstownVBrighton RedEdwardstown
Wednesday 30 MarchGlenelgVBrighton RedWest Lakes
  Division3 East
Wednesday 16 MarchMillswoodVBeaumontMillswood
Wednesday 16 MarchHope Valley WhiteVTranmereMillswood
Wednesday 23 MarchBeaumontVHope Valley WhiteBeaumont
Wednesday 30 MarchMillswoodVBeaumontPayneham
  Division 3 West
Wednesday 16 MarchAscot Park RedVLockleysAscot Park
Wednesday 16 MarchPort Noarlunga RedVTorrensvilleAscot Park
Wednesday 23 MarchLockleysVTorrensvilleLockleys
Wednesday 30 MarchAscot Park RedVLockleysClarence Gardens
Division 4 North
Wednesday 16 MarchSemaphore RedVPara Hills RedSemaphore
Wednesday 16 MarchHope Valley RedVModbury RedSemaphore
Wednesday 23 MarchPara Hills RedVModbury RedPara Hills
Wednesday 30 MarchSemaphore RedVModbury RedPlayford
  Division 4 South
Wednesday 16 MarchMarion RSLVReynella WhiteMarion RSL
Wednesday 16 MarchBlackwoodVMarionMarion RSL
Wednesday 23 MarchReynella WhiteVBlackwoodReynella
Wednesday 30 MarchMarion RSLVBlackwoodClarence Gardens
  Division 4 East
Wednesday 16 MarchKensington M/ville RedVTrinity Gardens RedKensington/ Marryatville
Wednesday 16 MarchAdelaide OvalVTranmere RedKensington/ Marryatville
Wednesday 23 MarchKensington M/ville RedVTranmere RedKensington/ Marryatville
Wednesday 30 MarchTrinity Gardens RedVKensington M/ville RedPayneham
  Division 4 West
Wednesday 16 MarchHenley RedVGlenelg RedHenley
Wednesday 16 MarchAscot Park RedVSomerton RedHenley
Wednesday 23 MarchGlenelg RedVSomerton RedGlenelg
Wednesday 30 MarchHenley RedVGlenelg RedClarence Gardens
  Division 4 South West
Wednesday 16 MarchSturt WhiteVGlenelg WhiteSturt
Wednesday 16 MarchEdwardstownVHawthorn WhiteSturt
Wednesday 23 MarchGlenelg WhiteVHawthorn WhiteGlenelg
Wednesday 30 MarchSturt WhiteVHawthorn WhiteSomerton
  Division 4 North West
Wednesday 16 MarchCroydonVWalkervilleCroydon
Wednesday 16 MarchWoodvilleVGrange RedCroydon
Wednesday 23 MarchWalkervilleVGrange RedWalkerville
Wednesday 30 MarchCroydonVWalkervilleWest Lakes