Wednesday Pennants

Wednesday Pennant Grand Finals

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Following the conclusion of the 2022/23 Wednesday Preliminary Finals, please find below details regarding Wednesday Pennant Grand Final games & venues.

Selectors are reminded that there may be restrictions on player eligibility for Grand Final games, depending on the results of the preceding Finals games for that club (Rule 3.9)

Clubs are reminded that if there is a protest regarding a Finals game, that protest must be lodged in accordance with Rule 12.1 except in circumstances where an immediate decision is required – refer Rule 12.2

The Host Club is responsible for providing a venue Manager of the Day unless another person is appointed by the MBA.

Please also refer to the memo “Host Clubs – Pennant Semi & Preliminary Finals 10 March 2023” for

important information on the conduct of Finals games.

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Any questions or further clarification regarding Grand Final arrangements should be directed to the MBA Executive committee (

Steve Franks

Chair, MBA Match & Program Committee

Premier League
Wednesday 22 MarchAscot ParkVMarionAscot Park
Wednesday 22 MarchAdelaideVGrangeAscot Park
Wednesday 29 MarchMarionVAdelaideMarion
Wednesday 5 AprilAscot ParkVAdelaideLockleys
  Division 1
Wednesday 22 MarchSomertonVClub HoldfastSomerton
Wednesday 22 MarchTranmereVWoodvilleSomerton
Wednesday 29 MarchClub HoldfastVWoodvilleClub Holdfast
Wednesday 5 AprilSomertonVWoodvilleLockleys
Division 2 North
Wednesday 22 MarchBeaumontVWalkervilleBeaumont
Wednesday 22 MarchModburyVPlayfordBeaumont
Wednesday 29 MarchWalkervilleVPlayfordWalkerville
Wednesday 5 AprilBeaumontVWalkervilleProspect/Broadview
  Division 2 South
Wednesday 22 MarchBlackwoodVClarence GardensBlackwood
Wednesday 22 MarchBrightonVMillswoodBlackwood
Wednesday 29 MarchClarence GardensVMillswoodClarence Gardens
Wednesday 5 AprilBlackwoodVClarence GardensWoodville
  Division 3 North
Wednesday 22 MarchTwo WellsVSemaphore RedTwo Wells
Wednesday 22 MarchModburyVHope ValleyTwo Wells
Wednesday 29 MarchTwo WellsVHope ValleyTwo Wells
Wednesday 5 AprilSemaphore RedVTwo WellsProspect/Broadview
  Division 3 South
Wednesday 22 MarchPort Noarlunga RedVMarionPort Noarlunga
Wednesday 22 MarchAscot Park RedVChristies BeachPort Noarlunga
Wednesday 29 MarchMarionVAscot Park RedMarion
Wednesday 5 AprilPort Noarlunga RedVAscot Park RedGlenelg
  Division3 East
Wednesday 22 MarchAdelaideVToorak / BurnsideAdelaide
Wednesday 22 MarchPayneham RedVTranmereAdelaide
Wednesday 29 MarchToorak / BurnsideVPayneham RedToorak / Burnside
Wednesday 5 AprilAdelaideVPayneham RedWalkerville
  Division 3 West
Wednesday 22 MarchTorrensvilleVEdwardstownTorrensville
Wednesday 22 MarchWoodvilleVPort Noarlunga WhiteTorrensville
Wednesday 29 MarchEdwardstownVWoodvilleEdwardstown
Wednesday 5 AprilTorrensvilleVEdwardstownWalkerville
Division 4 North
Wednesday 22 MarchModbury RedVTwo WellsModbury
Wednesday 22 MarchPenfieldVSemaphore RedModbury
Wednesday 29 MarchTwo WellsVPenfieldTwo Wells
Wednesday 5 AprilModbury RedVTwo WellsPayneham
    Division 4 South
Wednesday 22 MarchMarion RedVBrighton RedMarion
Wednesday 22 MarchPort Noarlunga RedVChristies Beach (Penalty)Marion
Wednesday 29 MarchMarion RedVPort Noarlunga RedMarion
Wednesday 5 AprilBrighton RedVMarion RedGlenelg
  Division 4 East
Wednesday 22 MarchTrinity Gardens RedVProspect/Broadview RedTrinity Gardens
Wednesday 22 MarchHawthorn RedVProspect/Broadview WhiteTrinity Gardens
Wednesday 29 MarchProspect/Broadview RedVHawthorn RedProspect/Broadview
Wednesday 30 MarchTrinity Gardens RedVProspect/Broadview RedPayneham
  Division 4 West
Wednesday 22 MarchSomerton RedVLockleys RedSomerton
Wednesday 22 MarchHenley RedVCroydonSomerton
Wednesday 29 MarchLockleys RedVHenley RedLockleys
Wednesday 5 AprilSomerton RedVLockleys RedWoodville
  Division 4 South West
Wednesday 22 MarchClub Holdfast WhiteVClarence Gardens RedClub Holdfast
Wednesday 22 MarchAscot Park RedVNovar GardensClub Holdfast
Wednesday 29 MarchClub Holdfast WhiteVNovar GardensClub Holdfast
Wednesday 5 AprilClarence Gardens RedVClub Holdfast WhitePayneham
  Division 4 Sth Central
Wednesday 22 MarchClub Holdfast RedVMarion WhiteClub Holdfast
Wednesday 22 MarchMillswoodVMarion RSLClub Holdfast
Wednesday 29 MarchMarion WhiteVMarion RSLMarion
Wednesday 5 AprilClub Holdfast RedVMarion WhiteWoodville
  Division 4 North East
Wednesday 22 MarchHope Valley RedVPara Hills RedHope Valley
Wednesday 22 MarchTranmere WhiteVProspect/Broadview BlueHope Valley
Wednesday 29 MarchHope Valley RedVTranmere WhiteHope Valley
Wednesday 5 AprilPara Hills RedVHope Valley RedPayneham
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