MBA Club Friendship Day Tournament held on Sunday 7TH January 2024

What a great day was held at the Tranmere Bowling Club, attended by 28 of our member bowling clubs. The highest number of entries since the inception of the tournament.

Before the start of the day Mother Nature gave us a good downpour of rain! Greens flooded, was that to be the end of the day before we even started? NO – the Tranmere greens maintenance squad moved into action, and with a little bit of help from the early arrivals from the Para Hills team, swept the water off the greens and they were ready for bowls by the scheduled tournament start time.

One team was a little bit late to arrive, but they did get a very loud reception when they arrived that made them so welcome, with a lot of cheers and applause.

The weather was kind for the rest of the day – how lucky was that?

Lunch was taken at 1pm, after round 2 was completed. What an excellent lunch was enjoyed by everybody, as prepared by the Tranmere Ladies catering squad.

At the end of the tournament only 4 teams managed to win all their games with the following results-
1st place – Happy Valley with 80 points + 23 shots up.
2nd place – Adelaide with 79 points + 23 shots up.
3rd place – Tranmere with 78 points + 24 shots up.
4th place – Marion RSL with 76 points + 7 shots up.
5th place – Payneham with 60 points + 16 shots up.
6th place – Glenelg with 59 points + 22 shots up.
Best Last game winner was Prospect Broadview with 28 points + 15 shots up.

All the prizes were presented by Jeff Neale, the dealer principal of Paradise Mazda, the MBA’s Major Sponsor

All in All, a really good day of friendly bowling. The weather was kind to us, the Club Tranmere venue was excellent and well supported by the Tranmere members, and enjoyed by so many members from our clubs that entered a team into this year’s tournament.

To all clubs, put this date in your diaries – Sunday 5th January 2025 for another MBA Friendship bowling tournament, for ALL our member clubs to enter.

Mike Porter
MBA Tournament Organizer.

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