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Side Nomination Forms

These will be sent out shortly and MUST be completed by the DUE DATE.

Payment or Proof of Payment must accompany this form

Note Please reference your payment “Club’s Name side Nomination”

On Line Forms

8 & 50 Badge Request  Please note time line for applying

Include PDF of Card

Complaints, Protests and Disputes

Include payment or proof of Payment

Fees for the applicable fee are on our Web site

Notice of Motion

Please include minutes of meeting with members when this NOM was put

Pennant Permit

Signature of BOTH Associations (bottom of Page)

The Association of ORIGIN is paid the fee

Reference payment “PP Players Name”

PLEASE USE MBA FORMS (NOT BOWLS SA) The only exception is when a COUNTRY ASSOCIATION sends you a form

PDF is the format of choice NO images from mobile phone will be accepted

Should you have any issues please feel free to contact me


Ron Mulliner MBA SecretaryOn line Forms

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