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Wednesday Pennants

Lockleys IV have withdrawn from Division 4 Central West. This has created a Bye in that Section.

Saturday Pennants

There has been another amendment to the Saturday Premier League Calendar involving date changes (e.g., Sunday to previous Friday) for some Rounds.

Completing sides – Round 4 and beyond

Temporary permits that were issued at the start of the season will expire this week.

The MBA has a policy of encouraging clubs to fill teams and field Pennant sides wherever possible. Clubs that foresee continuing difficulty in filling a bottom ranked side should contact MBA Match & Program committee to discuss options available through the Conditions of Play.

Extreme Weather Policy

A summer of extreme heat has been forecast.

The Pennant program will follow the published schedule whenever weather conditions allow. If the Pennant program becomes significantly affected by extreme weather events, then every attempt will be made to complete a meaningful season, allowing Pennant winners & promotions/demotions to be determined.

The guiding principles followed will be the same as previous seasons.

  1. The completion of 18 Rounds of the “Home and Away season” for each competition has priority, dispensing with the Finals series for that competition in favour of catch-up games if necessary.
  2. Pennant winners and promotions/demotions for each competition will only be determined if at least 12 Rounds have been played in that competition. If less than 12 Rounds have been played, no Pennants will be awarded and there will not be any promotions or demotions.
  3. Catch up playing dates, if available, will be allocated on the basis of “first out, first in” i.e., the first Round cancelled due to extreme weather will be the first Round rescheduled into a catch-up day etc.

Conditions of Play

Pre game Practice – closed greens

Pennant Conditions of Play will be amended as follows:

Addition to Rule 5.3.3.

“If greens remain closed up to 15 minutes or later before the start time of a game, 15 minutes of practice will be allowed as per Rule 5.3.4”.

Addition to Rule 5.4.

“Where the start of a game is delayed because of closed greens, the game will start 15 minutes

after greens are opened to allow practice (refer to Rule 5.3.3)”.

Pennant Finals

Pennant Conditions of Play Rule 10.4 (Finals – Officials) will be amended as follows:

“The MBA will provide Event Managers for Finals series games where protests requiring an immediate decision can occur”.


Side number style change

The MBA Executive has instructed that a “Roman numeral” number style be adopted for all

Pennant side names. This change will be seen in BowlsLink during this week.

Names on Scorecards

Pennant Conditions of Play state that Player names must be entered IN FULL i.e., first & last name. Side managers are asked to comply with this requirement.

Entering/confirming results

Clubs are reminded that ALL Pennant sides shown as a “home” game, including forfeits and Byes, should be checked in BowlsLink for possible action.

Similarly, ALL Pennant sides shown as an “away” game, including forfeits and Byes, should also be checked in BowlsLink for confirmation.

Changes to player names/results after games have been finalised

Every attempt should be made by clubs to ensure that the results entered into BowlsLink by the

“home” side are accurate with player names correct and teams lined up as they played.

Clubs confirming results in BowlsLink as the “away” side should contact the “home” side club to correct errors wherever possible.

Problems using BowlsLink

Clubs having trouble in accessing or operating BowlsLink for Pennant side nominations or Pennant results should contact MBA Match& Program committee in the first instance.

If there are any questions regarding the above or further clarification required, please contact MBA Match & Program committee (

Steve Franks

Chair, MBA Match & Program Committee

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